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BH4BP #61 – Music Tames The Savage Health Issue

BH4BP #61 – Music Tames The Savage Health Issue

Did you know that the right music can give us energy, boost creativity, lift the spirit, make us more alert, lessen anxiety, decrease stress and pain and even aid in digestion and sleep?  Plus, used correctly, it can be a really effective mood boosting tool. The affect that music has on us is quite profound.  […]

Cholesterol? Don't Forget the Triglycerides!

Cholesterol? Don’t Forget the Triglycerides!

Darla felt good about her health when she went to her annual checkup. She had monitored her cholesterol and blood pressure for over a year and both were in desirable ranges.  So, she was surprised when her doctor told her that her triglyceride levels were high and had to be monitored also. When Darla thought […]

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