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BHTV #16 – Apple vs. Pear Shaped

The Podcast Awards are here!  So, if you like this show, please head on over to and nominate under “Best Video Podcast”: Podcast Name: Being Healthy TV Podcast URL: If you can spread the word about our podcast to others and they would like to nominate us as well, that would be even […]

October Is Also National Physical Therapy Month!

October Is Also National Physical Therapy Month!

October is National Physical Therapy Month. I know October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Black History Month, but with only 12 months a year, every month has at least a couple subjects associated with it.  But since I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I can’t pass up this opportunity to build awareness for […]

BH4BP #65 - The Truth About Stretching

BH4BP #65 – The Truth About Stretching

Many people believe that stretching before and after a workout prevents injuries and minimizes muscle soreness. That’s because the recommendation used to be to stretch before and after exercise.  In recent years, these commonly held beliefs have come under scrutiny and the recommendations have changed.  So, today my goal is to help you understand what […]

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