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Pull Ups

Four Ways to Train Lats Fast

When developing a weight lifting regimen, one of the major muscle groups that gets overlooked is the back. Most people get too preoccupied with developing a massive chest and bulging biceps to realize that one of the best ways to look toned and defined is to have a chiseled back (isn’t that what people are […]

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Losing Weight Later in Life

A recent study from Harvard Medical School shows that being overweight or obese when you are middle-aged is an excellent indicator that you may not have much longer to live. The study also shows that young people who are of the heavier persuasion have an increased risk of dying when they reach a certain age […]


How to Fight Natural Hunger Urges

Wrapping our heads around dieting and nutrition can be difficult. In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on one set path to take with so many different types of dieting programs, products, and services out there. But in order to succeed at losing weight and keeping a healthy body you need to […]