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Review/Giveaway: Relax the Back Back & Neck Massage Cushion

Review/Giveaway: Relax the Back Back & Neck Massage Cushion

As a physical therapist, I have treated a lot of people with back and neck pain. And during those years, numerous patients have asked me what brand of massage cushion/chair they should buy for at home or at work to help alleviate their tight muscles. At that time, I was unable to recommend a certain […]


Make the Most of Strength Training

Being physically fit can be very beneficial, allowing you to do more things. People often believe that attaining a six pack and building significant muscle mass is beyond their reach. This isn’t true because as long as you have the determination and sufficient self control to overcome temptation, it can be achieved. Despite what many […]


Study: Breakthrough Research Shows Promise for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral palsy, often abbreviated as CP in medical literature, is a term that encompasses a group of different motor conditions, which are non-progressive and are not contagious. It affects various area of the body and may limit a person’s ability to function normally, especially when it comes to movement. The specific causes of this condition […]