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Diabetes: Don’t Forget The Feet!

Every morning for years, John would walk to the beach near his house, take off his shoes and walk on the sand as the sun rose. He enjoyed his morning walks tremendously. He loved the feel of the sand sifting through his toes. It gave him such a feeling of connection with nature. So, he […]

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Crank Up The Music When Working Out!

It’s only 10 minutes into your daily 30 minute run, but you are already looking forward to it ending. You feel so tired and slow, today. Every minute of your run feels like an eternity. Yesterday, was a totally different experience. Your run was spectacular! You were fast, full of energy and the 30 minutes […]

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Keep Germs to Yourself To Keep Your Family Healthy

Disease prevention should not stop even when you’re already sick because there are others who are susceptible to getting infected even by the common cold. So, if you’ve fallen ill and are staying home, the best (and quickest) way to get well is to keep the germs to yourself. Call in sick and stay at […]

Port Wine

Port Wine – Raise Your Glass To Good Health!

Port wine (also called Porto or Vinho do Porto in Portugal) is a delicious, sweet, fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal. The combination of the multiple varietals of grapes that are blended and the conditions of the region they are grown in produces a distinctive taste that is hard for vineyards […]

Workplace Bullying: Damages Your Health!

Workplace Bullying: Damages Your Health!

You are on the floor of the hospital giving one of your patients their medication when the administrator calls your name over the intercom, sternly ordering you to her office for the third time this week. Working here may not have been a good choice, after all. Since you started two months ago, you’ve been […]