BH4BP #6 – Sunscreen, Food Journal and Cigarette Smoke

As promised on show #5, I start this week’s show discussing some abdominal exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.  I look at the traditional crunch, the bicycle crunch and the abdominal crunch on the exercise ball.

Then I head into the meat of the show by talking about whether sunscreens actually protect us from harmful UV radiation. I reference articles from Wikipedia, Environmental Working Group and lawsuitsearch.com.

After that I go into discussing the importance of food journals for individuals looking to lose weight and/or incorporate healthier eating habits.  Food journals are tools that help you make a habit of thinking about what you eat before you eat it.

I end the show by discussing how smoking adversely affects your health.  To illustrate my point, I mention some smoking statistics that I found on hubpages.com and quitsmoking.com.

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  1. Mark Salinas says:

    First time here…..I am enjoying the reading! Thanks!

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