BH4BP #8 – Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar and Honey

I start the show with a positive news update. In California, they are thinking of passing a bill restricting Bisphenol A in all products geared for children three years and younger. Also, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us announced that they will stop selling baby bottles made with Bisphenol A by next year. Check out the montereyherald.com article for more details about the passing of this bill.

Then I head into the meat of the show. I discuss which sweetener is the healthiest to use. I go over the advantages and disadvantages of Equal, Splenda, Sweet N Low, pure cane sugar, turbinado sugar and honey. I referenced articles from wikipedia.org (aspartame, saccharin, sugar), mysite.verizon.net, redicecreations.com and sweetpoison.com.

I end the show by addressing some questions asked by Beth from New York, related to stretching and headaches.

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  2. Karen Rasmussen says:

    Hi Talli!
    Thanks for the latest podcast on artificial sweeteners. As stated prior, good research and citation. In regards to artificial sweeteners, another common one seen quite frequently in labels is acesulfame potassium. I would love to hear a follow-up podcast on other sources of natural sweeteners – such as xylitol and stevia. Also perhaps a show on how to cook with alternative sweeteners such as maple syrup, date sugar, honey, etc. Many people want to cook healthier but aren’t sure how to replace white table sugar with an althernative.
    thanks again for your committment to bringing health to the community.

  3. Just wondering if you’ve used Agave Nectar or Lakanto…heard anything about these? Thanks!

  4. Talli van Sunder says:

    @Desiree – At home I use Agave Nectar for my coffee and most of my sweetening needs. However, at the cafe that I was at Agave Nectar was not an option. Only artificial sweeteners, sugar and honey were available. However, I have never heard of Lakanto and can’t seem to find any information on the internet. Could you please point me towards some information about it? I would love to learn more about this sweetener.

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. Maria Isabel says:

    Dear Talli:
    I enjoyed your interview with The Health Matters Show. You gave a lot of very important things to do even when you can’t do hard workouts.
    In your show about sweeteners, it was great to have you reinforce my belief that honey is better for me whenever I drink my tea. Since I was little, we always had honey in the house since we made our own.
    Congratulations on the wonderful job that you are doing.

  6. Gayla Curtis says:

    good luck

  7. Guto says:

    Dear Talli:
    I am a devoted fan of your podcast now and usually listen to it with my 12 year old daughter in the car -who said ‘goodbye to frapuccinos after listening to the ‘coffee’ podcast. I congratulate you for the healthy info you provide and that is helping us achieve a better life. Regards, and keep the excellent work!!!

  8. Talli van Sunder says:

    @Guto I am glad that you and your daughter are enjoying the shows. And I am glad it is having a positive impact on your family. That is why I do the podcasts! 🙂

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