BH4BP #10 – Wii Fit and Breakfast

This week, I start off the show by discussing whether the Wii Fit can actually get you fit. The Wii Fit is an exercise video game made by Nintendo for the Wii console. I go over what the Wii fit entails: the equipment used, what is measured and the exercise options available. Then I delve into the advantages and disadvantages of this game by referencing a review done by CNET on the Wii Fit.

Next, I move on to talking about the importance of eating breakfast.  Since you are busy, I give you six tips to make your mornings easier, so that you are able to include breakfast in your morning routine.

I end the show with a comment from Dave and a mention of my guest post on Mark Salinas’ Healthy Living Today website.

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  1. Lisa Frame says:

    I just listened to this podcast and it was great. One of my biggest problems is not eating breakfast! That and not enough exercise definately contribute to my flagging energy levels.

    Thank you for such a great website. I can tell that I am going to be doing a lot of listening!

  2. Rosy says:

    Thanks for the show. I always believed games, such as, Wii Fit were a supplement to your daily exercise routine. Great Information. As for breakfast, I know from personal experience that if I don’t eat breakfast, I have no energy and no willpower to resist junk food. I’ve, also, noticed that when I do eat breakfast, I can concentrate more on my work and make better decisions.
    Breakfast is the champion of the three meals.
    Fabulous Show!!!

  3. Wii Fit has been a valuable aid for me. I’m disabled and can’t do much exercise besides walking, stretching and such. I’ve tried going to the gym and it was a bad idea. Even an exercise bike is _way_ out of my league.

    But I can do everything Wii Fit offers, except for one yoga pose, one muscle exercise and the running “game” (because it lasts for too long). The only bad thing I’ve found about Wii Fit is that there are so few of the aerobic and balance games that you quickly get tired of them. So I mostly just do yoga and muscle exercises these days. Hopefully there will be many more games for it – I’d like to see tai chi, because that’s what I’d like to do, but no chance to go somewhere to learn.

  4. Mark Salinas says:

    I agree…a good variety for inclusion. Breakfast is oh sooooo important! A solid, informative show as always!

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  6. Dave Conrey says:

    My wife has been bucking for a Wii for awhile. I’m thinking I might have to pony up.

  7. Nicole Gustas says:

    I actually posted about my Wii Fit experiences, and I thought you might like to read it:

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