BH4BP #15 – Trouble Sleeping?

Many of us have trouble getting a good night’s sleep and suffer from insomnia. In this show, I discuss in depth why sleep is important, how the sleep cycle works, the effects of being sleep deprived and the different levels of insomnia. I also go over causes of insomnia and what we can do to change our sleeping habits, so that we get a good night’s rest. Some references I used were webmd.com, 4woman.gov and Wikipedia.

I end the show with a question from Jennifer regarding the salt content in sports drinks or electrolyte replacement drinks.

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  1. M says:

    Trouble sleeping? Always! Very good information in the podcast….thanks for sharing.

  2. Shawno says:

    I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t have too much trouble with sleep. My wife and I are on different work schedules, so sometimes that’s a bit of a problem. But, it’s not a huge deal. Anyway, very informative show!

  3. cathy says:

    Must send the link to this podcast to my hubby, who tends to have sleep issues. Thanks!

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