BH4BP #16 – Diet Myths and Podcast Award Finalist

First off, I want to start the show off by making a big announcement. Being Healthy for Busy People is a Podcast Award Finalist under the health category. Voting begins today and continues until November 6th. You will be able to vote daily. So, please head on over to podcastawards.com to vote for this podcast. Thank you so much for your support!

Next, I jump right into the show.  A lot of us are trying to lose weight and are looking for ways to help us lose those excess pounds. But, some of the things that we believe are helpful, actually don’t work at all. In this show, I discuss 15 common myths related to weight loss in depth. Some references that I used were webmd.com and abclocal.go.com.

For those of you that want to hear a little different side of me or who want to listen to a great personal podcast, I was interviewed on Tuesday, October 14th by Erk for the Erk Pod podcast. I really enjoyed being on the show and had a fun time being interviewed by Erk and discussing health issues with him. A couple of times we had a little trouble understanding each other because of Skype, but it is a really good listen. For anyone who is interested I recommend you check it out at erkpod.com.au.

Finally, if you like the show, please head on over to iTunes and give me a nice review. It’s a great way to give me some good exposure and can help me get more listeners. For those of you that have already, thank you so much!.  Thanks for listening everyone!

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  1. Shawno says:

    Great show! Funny how people think there’s some kinda magic pill/diet/whatever for weight loss. The key is to lead a healthy life, every day. Now, if I could only apply that wisdom to myself.

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