BH4BP #22 – Walking: An Exercise for Everyone

Walking in The Park
Photo by Idol via Flickr

Walking is a great activity for anyone wanting to get in shape. It is an exercise that almost anyone can do and doesn’t require any special equipment or memberships. All you need is comfortable walking shoes, a place to go walking and you are set.

Now that I’ve reminded you how wonderful walking can be, I would like to help you to get the most from the walking you’ll be doing.  In this show, I am going to give you some tips and techniques for starting a successful walking program.

Some references I used while researching this show are Mayo Clinic, MedicineNet, nutristrategy.com and thewalkingsite.com.

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  1. Rosy says:

    Great podcast! Simple and easy advise. Thanks again!!!

  2. Mark says:

    Nice one talli. Walking is always a good option. Nice tips. Thanks!

  3. DanDiamond says:

    Great thoughts. One out of one doctors surveyed agree with you! If all my patients did this, it would be hard to make a living.
    Dan Diamond, MD

  4. Shawno says:

    I like going for walks. I find it’s good exercise for the mind and spirit as well as the body.

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