BH4BP #25 – Alcohol: Everything In Moderation

Green Martini
Photo by *Micky via Flickr

For many, alcohol is considered a pleasurable and even essential part of any party or gathering.  Luckily, alcohol does have some health benefits when consumed in “moderation” (moderation is the key word here).  However, people often take drinking too far during parties and wake up with a hangover the next day.  When consumed in excess like this and on a regular basis, alcohol becomes toxic to our bodies and adversely effects our health.  And that is what we don’t want!

In this show, I discuss how alcohol effects our bodies, why it is important to drink in moderation and what moderation means.  I also give you some tips on how to drink less and tell you about the health risks of drinking too much.

Some references I used while researching this show are The New Wellness Encyclopedia, NIAAA and Mayo Clinic.

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  1. chuckypita says:

    Wow – you’ve got quite an extensive website. It’s quite obvious that you’re very talented! I’m thinking you’re going to make life a tremendous journey for yourself… you go!

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