BH4BP #34 – Approach Your Weight The Right Way

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Our culture is obsessed with weight.  It seems that every person has a bathroom scale in their house and many people weigh themselves as part of their daily routine.  Any weight gain is perceived as a change for the worse.  And the media doesn’t make it any better. They’re constantly bombarding us with their images of the ideal body.  And when we are unable to reach that image, we get depressed.

But we need to change the way we think about our bodies.  It is important to make weight loss goals reasonable.  The most important thing is to be healthy, not to look like a model.  Those models might look healthy, but on the inside, many of them are not really that healthy.

In this show, I discuss the health risks of being overweight, why crash diets don’t work and tips and strategies for losing and maintaining weight.

Some references I used while researching this show are The New Wellness Encyclopedia and WebMD.

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  3. The “how to eat” tips are very helpful–a good reminder to slow down, enjoy and be in the moment.

    The tip about not stocking the junk food is also good… only drawback is reaching in the cupboard for the ingredients for making cookies, lol! But, perhaps if the ingredients and utensils are scattered around the kitchen and on high enough shelves, perhaps baking would be considered “exercise?”

  4. Mark says:

    WebMD is one of my favorites all though I have been a bit shocked with in some of their recent reposts. Still good though! I am heading over to itunes now! 🙂

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