BH4BP #45 – Food Addiction? But It Tastes So Good!

Chocolate Cake
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Do you constantly think about food, find yourself eating when you aren’t hungry or when you are depressed?  Do you eat in secret or eat much healthier in the company of others than when you are alone?  Do you feel guilty right after eating?  Do you continue to go to the all you can eat buffets even though the reading on the scale keeps rising?  If you said yes to any of these these, you may have a food addiction.

Since many people have some degree of food addiction, in this show I thought it would be useful to go over what makes a person a food addict, and give some tips and strategies to help break the addiction.

Some references I used while researching this show are WebMD, allaboutlifechallenges.org and weightloss.com.

I also answered Bill Janin’s questions regarding hydration during cross-training and the anaerobic phase in exercise. The primary references used while researching these questions are sparkpeople.com and chemistry.about.com.

The blog posts for this week are:

  1. Drive Safe, Not Drowsy!
  2. You’re Full of It. I Mean You’re Constipated!

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  1. Maria Isabel says:

    This is a good show with great suggestions to stop eating too much sweets. I love them!

  2. I think this is the first time I listened to your show, and I really enjoyed it! Food addiction is a problem that I found confusing when I first heard of it. You’ve done a nice job of clarifying about what is, and what is not food addiction.

    You have gained a listener today. 🙂

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