BH4BP #51 – Pasta: It’s Back On the Menu!

Photo by Kanko* via Flickr

Photo by Kanko* via Flickr

Pasta has gotten a bad rap over the past few years.  It has been categorized as a fattening food and been placed in the bad carbohydrate category.  Some people have even claimed that it has a high glycemic index.  But are any of these claims actually true?

That’s an important question to ask because many people love pasta but have been avoiding it like the plague because they believe that it is bad for them.  Especially when they are trying to lose weight.  But are we operating under the right assumptions?  So, today I am going to dedicate this show to pasta and nothing but pasta.  I am going to go over what pasta is, discuss whether it is healthy or not and give you some tips on how to make it as healthy as possible.

Some references I used while researching this show are The New Wellness Encyclopedia and ilovepasta.org.

The video podcast for this week is:

  1. Sit Up Straight!

The blog posts for this week are:

  1. Stop Snoring!
  2. Breakfast Cereal Selection: Health vs Hype

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  1. Maria Isabel says:

    Great! I am glad that pasta is good for you. Whenever we cook pasta we make our own sauce or the put in the bought ones low in sodium and fat.

  2. Shawno says:

    I’ve been trying to find a good pasta sauce recipe for years. I don’t like most of the pre-made store-bought sauces.

  3. Talli van Sunder says:

    @Shawno We plan on adding a recipe section to the blog in the next few months and on there I will put a good pasta recipe. 🙂

  4. Julie says:

    Wow, thanks for the article/podcast on Pasta. I’m a mom with 2 preteens, as well as am trying to lose weight with my hubby. We all love pasta and this article is terrific. I feel much better about giving my family pasta now (my daughter doesn’t like sauce on hers and never has, and we all like the simple, tomato sauces).

  5. Emily says:

    Wow! I’m a huge pasta fan, and while I consider myself to be very knowledgeable about food and nutrition issues, I had no idea that pasta was not considered a “white flour,” and had so many nutrients. I feel a lot better about the pasta dishes I make now (usually with tons of veggies!).

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