BH4BP #62 – Swimming: A Great Alternative for Everyone!

Photo by cmaccubbin via Flickr

Photo by cmaccubbin via Flickr

Swimming is a great fitness activity for almost anyone, especially those who have physical limitations.  For those who have had a hard time finding an activity that is not painful for their joints, swimming may be the answer.

In today’s show, I will go over how swimming is a great exercise choice, whether it can help you lose weight and how to get started.

Some references I used while researching this show are WebMD and Merck.

The video podcast for this week is:

  1. Tired? Combat Fatigue!

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  1. Running In Hot Weather: Can’t Take the Heat?
  2. Pork: Stay Lean, Don’t Pig Out!

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  1. Kathlyn says:

    Because I don’t swim often, I get so tired so fast when I do try a few laps. Usually after about 200 meters of freestyle I’m needing a breathing break! Plus I’m far more tired (drowsy) afterward a 20-minute lap swim than a 30-40 minute run. I’d like to try and use swimming as a cross-training exercise for the half marathon I’m going to try (my first!) in about 10 weeks, though. Do you think this is a worthwhile use of my time? Or am I better to stick to biking or elliptical instead of some lap swim?

  2. Talli van Sunder says:

    @Kathlyn From what you’ve said, it sounds like swimming taxes your cardiorespiratory system more. That means that it will better help your conditioning and provide you with more endurance for long distance events. In fact, many runners use swimming for cross training, especially for long distance events.

  3. Maria Isabel says:

    It is wonderful to swim on hot days. I know that you get good exercise when you swim. I should use my pool more often.

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