BH4BP #63 – Gardening: Getting Dirty is Good For Your Health!

Photo by Randy Son Of Robert via Flickr

Photo by Randy Son Of Robert via Flickr

Having and working in a garden can play a powerful role in how we feel. The sights and scents of our gardens can soothe us and distract us from everyday stressors.  Gardening has a way of connecting us with nature and the rhythm of life, rejuvenating us and disconnecting us from the more hectic parts of our lives for awhile.  When we garden, we are on garden time, which feels slower than the fast paced regular world.  And we all benefit from slowing down from time to time.

That’s why in this episode I am going to explore the health benefits of gardening and go over whether gardening is a good form of exercise.

Some references I used while researching this show are about.com and mantis.com.

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  1. Say Cheese!

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  2. Goat Milk?: For When Cow’s Milk Won’t Do

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  1. Maria Isabel says:

    My father loves to garden. He always has a variety of fruits and vegetables all year around. I enjoy to see his front garden as well as his backyard. He is very knowledgeable about plants and loves to share it.

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