BHTV #10 – Hoarseness: Save Your Voice!

Our world can be noisy at times and sometimes we have to shout in order to be heard.  That not only changes the pitch of our voice, but can lead to hoarseness.  And some of us work in jobs that require us to use our voices a lot.  Singers, podcasters, teachers, actors and public speakers are all examples of people that depend on their voices in order to do their jobs.  As for me, most of you know that I use my voice quite a bit.  I do 2 weekly podcasts and I work full time as a physical therapist where I use my voice all day long talking with patients.  So, I can’t afford to lose my voice.

I was reminded of how much many of us depend on our voices in order to do our jobs when I got a little hoarse from all the speaking I’ve been doing recently.  So, I did some more research on hoarseness and today I am bringing you a few things I learned about how you can protect your voice.  So, sit back and enjoy the show!

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Some of the references I used while researching this show were: The New Wellness Encyclopedia, medicinenet.com and entassociates.com.

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  1. Maria Isabel says:

    As a teacher, hoarseness happened to me almost every year. I also found out that whispering made it worse like you said. Thanks for your advises.

  2. Shawno says:

    ZOMG! Talli got a haircut. And I deal with hoarseness a lot between podcasting and work. I always have some water nearby to try and help with that.

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