BHTV #11 – Heading Off Neck Pain!

Most of us have experienced neck pain at one time or another, especially if we spend a lot of time at the computer. However, if you are prone to neck aches and pains, there are steps you can take to reduce them. That’s why the topic of this episode is: Relieving neck pain. The goal of this episode is to teach you ways to prevent and minimize neck pain.

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  1. Maria Isabel says:

    I know what it is to have neck pain but now, I only get it once in a while.

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  3. Shawno says:

    I’d be willing to bet that my huge head probably weighs more than the average. Especially while wearing these headphones all day.

  4. This is great information Talli. If followed, your tips will help prevent and reduce neck pain. I find that taking a break from computer work is key to reducing neck pain. I generally recommend using computer rest break programs to my patients. These programs can be downloaded onto a computer and remind the user to take mini-breaks at the appropriate times.

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