BHTV #14 – Red, Red Wine

Many people enjoy drinking a glass of red wine with dinner or sometimes dessert.  After all, a glass of red wine goes very nicely with meat, red pasta, certain cheeses and even chocolate.  In fact, wine is so popular these days that wine bars have been popping up all over the United States.  In some areas, they have become the local hangout, competing with coffee shops and bars.

So, since wine is “in” these days, and gets a lot of coverage for its health benefits, this week’s topic is red wine.  So, sit back and enjoy the show!

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References used while researching this show are Mayo Clinic and Yale-New Haven Hospital.

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  1. Maria Isabel says:

    I drink a little bit of red wine with orange juice at dinner time. I thought that all red wines were good for your health but now I now better. Thanks

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  3. This is the first one of your videos I have watched. Wow! Very profession in appearance, entertaining, and educational. I am impressed. I will be subscribing. 🙂

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