Bübi Baby Butter a Perfect Choice for Your Baby!

bübi baby butter

I was introduced to bübi baby butter two months ago by Vanessa Kemp, owner of Love TIA.  It was perfect timing, because I was in the process of looking for a better diaper cream for my son, who was 9 months old at the time.  He was getting frequent diaper rashes and the products that I was using were not working up to my standards.  I just wasn’t satisfied!  Some creams were hard to put on and others didn’t seem to do much to relieve his diaper rash.  A lot of people were recommending creams that were full of chemicals, but I wanted to avoid those.  I wanted a product that would not only do the job, but was safe to put on my baby’s skin.  And I feel like I found it with this diaper cream. 

Why choose bübi baby butter?
There are many reasons that I am extremely satisfied with this diaper cream.

  1. Uses organic ingredients: As a mom, I feel better knowing that I am putting only natural ingredients on my baby’s bottom.  No worries about synthetic chemicals being absorbed into my baby’s body with this product.
  2. Easy to put on: It has a great, smooth texture and is very easy to put on.  It rubs on easy like a soft butter and doesn’t leave clumps on your baby’s bottom that you have to press hard to spread on. Plus, what’s left on my hands afterwards works great as a hand moisturizer.  It’s very soothing for dry hands.
  3. No strong fragrances: Many babies are sensitive to fragrances.  And anything placed topically on them can be absorbed into their bodies, which might not be the safest for them.  It’s nice to know this product is fragrance free.
  4. No zinc oxide or petroleum products: A lot of baby products contain zinc oxide and petroleum which can be harmful for  babies.  It’s reassuring to know that this company uses only natural, pure and safe ingredients.  One less thing for a mother to worry about.

This diaper cream is not only effective, but it is safe and natural.  As a parent I feel comfortable using it. Babies are precious and we all want to make sure that we are using the best possible products on them.  I feel like I found that with bübi baby butter!

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  1. Mark says:

    No babies around here….I will share this with some of our friends with babies. Thanks!

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