Buffalo: Building a Better Burger!

Photo by CGehlen

Photo by CGehlen

Jerry loved grilling season.  Creating the perfect burger had been his hobby for the past 5 years.  For Jerry, there was nothing better than grilling a juicy hamburger.  However, at his last physical, his doctor said that he was 25 pounds overweight and that it was time for him to lose some weight.  “There goes my hamburgers!” Jerry thought.

While reducing the amount of hamburgers he eats is a good idea for his weight loss, Jerry might not have to give them up entirely to lose the weight.  The key is to choose a leaner meat and to eat smaller amounts. Controlling portions is key.  Meat should be looked at as more of a side dish, not as the largest part of the meal.  Another issue with hamburgers is that many people make them using high fat ground beef and fatty toppings, such as mayo and cheese.  This results in a burger that is high in saturated fat and not very healthy.

Most of us are aware that consumption of too much red meat can increase our risk of heart disease.  However, what if I told you that you can still enjoy a tender steak and/or a juicy burger and feel a little less guilty about it?  You just need to pick a leaner source of red meat.  And one of those leaner options is buffalo (bison).

How is buffalo meat healthier then beef?
Buffalo not only tastes as delicious as beef, it is also healthier for you.  Here are 5 reasons why you should substitute buffalo meat for beef.  (All comparisons are between 100 grams/3.5oz of ground grass fed bison and the same amount of 70% lean ground beef.)

  1. Less fat: The buffalo contains 7.21 grams of total fat, while the beef has 30 grams of total fat.  That is 76% less fat than the beef.
  2. Less calories: The buffalo contains 146 calories per serving, while the beef has 332 calories per serving.  That is 56% less calories.
  3. Less cholesterol: The buffalo has 55 mg of cholesterol, while the beef has 78mg.  That’s 29.5% less cholesterol.
  4. More iron: The buffalo has 2.78mg of iron, while the beef has 1.64mg of iron.  That’s 69.5% more iron than the beef.
  5. More protein: The buffalo has 20.23g of protein, while the beef has 14.35g of protein.  That is 61.9% more protein.

If you switch to 93% lean ground beef instead of the 70% lean, it will have about the same amount of fat as the bison. However, the beef will still have more cholesterol and less iron.

How can I fit buffalo into my diet?
Buffalo is a tender, flavorful red meat that has a savory taste very similar to that of beef.  As a result, it is a great substitute for beef in most recipes.  Plus, you won’t have to search hard to find it.  Buffalo is readily available in most major supermarkets.  It can be found in ground form, as steaks and as pre-formed burger patties.  Here are 4 great places to substitute buffalo for beef:

  1. Burgers and steaks
  2. Chilies and stews
  3. Lasagna and other pastas with meat sauces
  4. Fajitas and burritos

The bottom line:
If you are looking for a leaner, tastier, healthier red meat that is lower in calories, cholesterol and fat, but high in protein and iron, look no further!  Buffalo is a better choice for health conscious individuals that crave some red meat once in a while!  So, you can enjoy that burger and feel a little better about the choice that you made!

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  2. Maria Isabel says:

    I have had it before as a burger and it was tasty. We always eat meat that is very lean. It is always good to know what meat is best for your health.

  3. CGehlen says:

    Buffalo is also a free range animal and are not kept on giant feed lots (so no or little risk of e coli o157 h7. They are not fed Corn but exist on their natural diet (grass).

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