Want Great Coffee? Use A Burr Grinder!

IBurr Grinder love the aroma and taste of a fresh cup of coffee. Having a cup of coffee everyday starts my day off right. It awakens my senses and elevates my mood. Since my morning coffee is such an enjoyable daily ritual, I strive to create the perfect cup of coffee. Which is why I buy whole organic coffee beans, store them in an air tight container away from heat and light and grind my coffee beans only when I am about to brew my coffee. So, when my husband mentioned to me, a few days ago, that we should consider replacing our stainless steel blade grinder with a burr grinder because it might give us a higher quality cup of coffee, I was all ears.

Why is grinding important?
The quality of your grind is important to help you extract the best flavor from your coffee. When you grind your coffee beans it increases their surface area, helping to release the subtle flavors into the hot water that they are brewed with. It is important to grind your beans only when you are ready to brew your coffee in order to maximize the flavors of your coffee. Because if you grind the beans too early, the greatly increased surface area that you gained by grinding them will quickly interact with the air and your coffee beans will start giving up its flavors before you brew your coffee. Not only that, some of its nutritional benefits will slowly fade, including the potency of its antioxidants. So, fresher coffee is healthier coffee!

How is a burr grinder better?
Most people who purchase whole coffee beans grind their coffee with either a blade or a burr grinder. A blade grinder consists of two blades that spin around, cutting the coffee beans. A burr grinder is a grinder that is constructed to grind beans between two plates which can be conical or flat in shape. The way it works is that one plate turns, grinding the beans against the other plate which remains stationary. The burr grinder is superior to the blade grinder because it is able to grind the beans more uniformly and extra fine. More evenly ground coffee beans allow you to experience a higher quality cup of coffee by helping to preserve the aroma and flavor of your coffee beans. Uniform particle sizes are also important for avoiding clogging issues during brewing. And the burr grinder gives you the opportunity to grind your beans however fine or coarse you want depending on the type of coffee you intend to drink on a given occasion. (espresso, French press, Turkish coffee, etc.)

The bottom line:
Taking the time to grind your coffee beans right will produce a fresher, more delicious cup of coffee, which in turn will increase your happiness and life satisfaction. Using a Burr grinder over a blade grinder will ensure that you get better coffee because the quality of your grind will be better. Just make sure to immediately brew after grinding to avoid losing any of the subtle flavors from your coffee beans. So, take the time to make a good cup of coffee. You will soon find out that it is definitely worth the extra time and cost.

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