I’m On A Boat: Cruise Healthy!

cruise shipMost people are shocked when I tell them I like to go on cruises. As a health advocate who prides herself on eating a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle, people find my vacation of choice quite surprising. In most people’s minds, a cruise vacation is an opportunity to be sedentary and gorge themselves on unhealthy food (which is in direct opposition to my philosophy). The polls of cruise goers seem to bear that out. People who take a 7 day cruise say that they gain between 5 and 10 pounds. So, there is some truth to what people are saying about cruising not necessarily being a healthy way to travel. However, cruising does not have to be an unhealthy vacation. Even though you are tempted with food around the clock you can still stay fit and healthy.

How to be healthy while cruising:
Just because you are on cruise does not mean you have to give up being healthy. Here are 6 tips to keep you on the right track when cruising:

  1. Exercise frequently: Cruise ships provide a lot of opportunities to stay fit and burn excess calories (especially after that four course dinner you had last night). So, take advantage of the exercise machines in the gym, attend some exercise classes (spinning, yoga, stretching classes, etc.) and/or take advantage of that jogging track on the upper level and go for a run or walk around it. The key to staying fit while cruising is to be as active as possible and to not veer off your normal exercise routine.
  2. Don’t overeat: Overeating leads to weight gain. It is important to practice portion control while cruising. Even though the buffet offers large plates, you are not obligated to fill them up. If you can find a smaller plate, use that for your meal. It is better to eat small meals, as necessary, and to always stop eating when you are comfortably full.
  3. Don’t skip meals: Especially breakfast. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism and makes you more likely to overeat during lunch. Plus, when you eat breakfast it gives you increased energy for the rest of the day. Also, don’t wait until you are starving to eat, that will be more likely to make you overeat.
  4. Limit your alcohol intake: It is easy to over drink when you don’t have to drive home. Alcohol has a lot of empty calories that contribute to weight gain. Plus, think of how much money you will save by keeping your alcohol consumption down. All those drinks do add up after all.
  5. Stay away from late night room service: Just because a cruise ship has food available 24 hours a day doesn’t mean that you need to eat during all of those hours. Besides, the food on the late night room service menu tends to be on the unhealthy side (hamburgers, french fries, pizza, etc.) and if you already visited the buffet that evening you probably don’t need the extra calories anyway.
  6. Avoid calorie rich foods: A cruise ship provides a diverse menu ranging from healthy options to calorie rich foods. If you choose wisely, it is possible to eat healthy on a cruise ship. So, skip the cheesecake for dessert and opt for the sherbet or fruit platter instead.

The bottom line:
Taking a vacation on a luxury cruise line is a wonderful adventure that is enjoyed by millions every year, including myself. The nightlife, the entertainment, the pool, the port stops and the variety of food makes cruising a wonderful vacation. So, choose wisely when you cruise and you can bring back lovely memories and souvenirs instead of excess weight.

Sources: cruisereviews.com

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  1. Isabel van Sunder says:

    I agree with you because when we went on a cruise it was very pleasant but I didn’t eat much between meals except for the wonderful Tea Time.

  2. reeveta says:

    Healthy diet is necessary for our body.

  3. Geoff says:

    Oh yes, just in a couple of weeks you can easily gain unwanted extra kilos if you are not careful with how much food you eat. Especially if you are on cruise where you are very relaxed and don’t do physical exercises.

  4. Being healthy is really a change of lifestyle. Wherever you are, at home, in a restaurant or even in vacation. It is always a choice. Some people tend to eat so much when they’re on vacation. They didn’t think it through that they’ll suffer when they come back home. It’s going to be back to almost zero! lol! It’s not that they shouldn’t enjoy their vacation, it should be all in moderation.

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