Talli interviewed on Erk Pod

I was interviewed on Tuesday, October 14th by Erk for the Erk Pod podcast. I really enjoyed being on the show and had a fun time being interviewed by Erk and discussing health issues with him. A couple of times we had a little trouble understanding each other because of Skype, but it is a really good listen. For anyone who is interested I would recommend you check it out at erkpod.com

For those of you wondering what Erk Pod is all about, it is a personal podcast produced in Sydney each week that features news, sports, entertainment, music and more. Erk Pod started in May 2007.  It is co-hosted by Erk and Drue.

Thanks again to Erk for the lovely chat. I really enjoyed it!

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  1. M says:

    Very good…get the healthy message out! Hope your weekend was fantastic!

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