How Much Exercise to Work Off That Pie?

Apple Pie
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A lot of people have been asking me how many calories they are burning doing certain exercises. Others have been asking me how many calories certain foods have. Well, I’ve listened and searched and found two exercise calculators that will answer some of your questions.

First off, remember that when it comes to the number of calories burned it’s hard to get an exact number. How many calories you burn depends not only on your activity, but also your weight and how much intensity you put into your workout. So, any information given to you by an exercise calculator should be used as a guideline. Secondly, the calories for a given food are based on that food item with normal ingredients. A higher or lower calorie version could be created, so the calorie calculator is also just an approximation.  With those caveats in place, let’s unveil the first calculator!

Looking for an activity calculator?
If you want to see how many calories you burn in activities ranging from brushing your teeth to rugby, then check out this Exercise Calculator.  Remember though, if you already do the activity on a daily basis and your weight is stable, it’s not going to help you lose weight unless you step up the amount of the activity or the intensity. It’s going to keep you on the same path. This is solely to edify you and possibly show you how to get the best calorie burn in the least amount of time by possibly trading in different activities. Here are some interesting examples.

  • Ballroom dancing: If you weigh 150 lbs and you do this activity for 30 minutes, you will burn 153 calories. If you are 200 lbs, you will burn 204 calories
  • Brushing teeth: If you weigh 150 lbs and you do this activity for 5 minutes, you will burn 14.25 calories. If you are 200 lbs you will burn 19 calories.
  • House cleaning: If you weigh 150 lbs and you do this activity for 45 minutes, you will burn 324 calories. If you are 200 lbs, you will burn 432 calories.

There are over 70 activities you can choose from. It’s fun to see what calories you are burning from your activities.  If you switch from ballroom dancing for 45 minutes to house cleaning for 45 minutes for example, you’ll burn an extra 95 calories if you weigh 150 pounds.  I know it burns more calories, but I think I’d rather do the dancing myself…

Looking for a dessert calorie calculator:

Now for the crowd that wonders how badly that dessert hurt them and what they need to do in order to atone for their sins, I have found the amazing “Dessert Wizard.” It’s not all inclusive, but it does a fairly good job with common dessert items at it and you can get an idea where other items might be in comparison to the ones listed. Here are some examples of  what you need to do to repair the damage caused by a few desserts.

  • Apple Pie: If you eat a tiny slice (2 oz) you will have to walk 36 minutes or jog for 10 minutes to burn that off.
  • Cheesecake: If you eat a small slice (6 oz) you will have to walk 2 hours and 28 minutes or jog for 39 minutes to burn that off.
  • Chocolate mousse: If you eat a medium bowl (9 oz) you will have to walk 2 hours and 32 minutes or jog for 40 minutes to burn that off.
  • Ice Cream: If you eat a large bowl (12 oz or 2-3 scoops) you will have to walk three hours and 42 minutes or jog 59 minutes to burn that off.

There are over 20 desserts that you can choose from. Try going there before you partake of a dessert. It might make you think twice about the portion size you were about to choose or whether it is worth eating.

So, enjoy the calculators. Calculate away and see what you’ve been doing to advance your cause and maybe what you might need to do. Remember as someone once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

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  1. Mmmm….pie!
    Thanks for the calculators Talli. I have never counted calories myself as i’ve always found keeping an eye on how my jeans fit to be the best way of tracking my weight. I also find that boosting metabolism doesn’t hurt my brain as much as calorie counting but I’m going to try these out.

  2. Rosy says:

    Great post! I always like looking up the calories and trying to figure out when I need to do to burn it off. My pie slices are always small, but satisfying. Thanks again.

  3. AC Siapno says:

    This is a great piece! I use calorieking.com for finding out my calories eaten – its pretty good with lots of name brands and popular restaurants. I hadn’t had an exercise calculator before though so this is much appreciated!!!

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