BH4BP #27 – A Little Exercise, A Longer Life

Photo by filtran via Flickr

Many people out there are always searching for the fountain of youth. They’re looking for ways that they can stay young, stop the aging process or prevent disease. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on magic potions, miracle pills or expensive surgeries to stop or hopefully reverse the aging process. But, most of these supposed “cures” that they spend money on don’t really accomplish what they want. They don’t keep us young.

In this show, I discuss the secret to staying young and living longer. I go over the health benefits of exercising and the research that proves that exercise is linked to longevity.

Some references I used while researching this show are The New Wellness Encyclopedia, Mayo Clinic, Science Daily and about.com.

I end the show with a question from Dean about whether the temperature of tea or alcoholic drinks, change the way the body metabolizes the caffeine or alcohol contained in these drinks.

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