Gaia’s Essence Product Review

A couple months ago, I received an email from Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison
the CEO at Gaia’s Essence. She asked if I was interested in reviewing some of her company’s products. I was delighted to be asked. But before I get to the review, let me give you some information about the company.

Gaia’s Essence:
Gaia’s Essence sells high quality, organic and natural products, while incorporating fair trade and green practices in every aspect of their business. They are committed to the environment and healthy living. So, if those are areas that you’re concerned with, you can feel good purchasing their products and safe consuming them.

Product Review:
I was graciously sent a selection of wonderful products to try. Below you will find three products that I chose to review. I chose these in particular because they’re equivalent to products I use all the time, so I can make a good comparison.


Garlic Herb Salt Free Blend: This is a wonderful blend of spices that goes really well with meat, fish, seafood and poultry. I tried this garlic blend on my salmon. I loved it! It complimented the fish very well and really enhanced its flavor. Plus, for those looking to cut back on their salt intake, Gaia’s Essence salt free blends might be what you are looking for. When I used it on my salmon, I didn’t add any salt and I didn’t miss it a bit. It definitely gives you great taste without the added salt!


Organic Jumbo Raisins: These raisins were great on their own. But they were also nice in the granola I made. I’m sure they would be great in any other dish that used raisins, for that matter. They taste great, full of flavor that explodes in your mouth. Plus, they are organic so you can’t beat that!


Rejuvenate Rooibos Tea: This is a soothing, sweet herbal tea with a citrus twist that is great to drink at anytime of day. As a person who drinks Rooibos daily, this tea was definitely one of my favorites. I really enjoy having a cup before bed to help me relax. Not only is it a tasty tea, but since Rooibos is packed with antioxidants, it’s also very healthy to drink.

So, if you are looking for tasty, high quality products, check them out.  Gaia’s Essence has a lot to offer people looking for healthy food.  You can purchase any of the products I reviewed at gaiasessence.com.

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  1. Mark Salinas says:

    I appreciate the review Talli! I know if you give your okay that it is not only tasty but healthy as well! thanks!

  2. Rosy says:

    I’m always looking for new products. This is great. Thanks, Talli!!!

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