Halloween: Trick or Treat Temptation

Halloween Candy
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It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are starting, Halloween is just around the corner and our healthy diets are at risk of being sabotaged. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can emerge unscathed from this holiday season with a little thought and preparation beforehand.

When we were kids, we were afraid of witches, ghosts and goblins on this night. Now we’re afraid of the bags of chocolates, candies and gum. We are afraid of succumbing to the temptation of the candy. I remember when I was a kid, I used to have to work to get that candy. I went to house after house after house. I covered some serious ground. Now, I only have to hit the closest store to stock up on bags of the stuff. It’s so much easier now.

It’s true that some of us love getting our sugar fix at this time of year.  The rest of us want to avoid the candy, but often succumb to the temptation of the bags of candy waiting for trick or treaters.

How can we forgo the temptation?
Unfortunately, giving in to temptation is all too easy. I know that if we don’t watch ourselves, we’ll eat all the candy, restock, and eat all the candy again before the first trick or treater can even ask us to smell their feet and give them something good to eat. To avoid that, I’ve come up with a four step solution. Here it is for all of you.

  1. Buy candy later: Do not buy the candy for the trick or treaters until a few days before Halloween. That cuts down on the time you have to eat the candy.
  2. Buy candy you don’t like: Make sure to pick candy that you don’t like. That way, you are much less tempted to eat the forbidden candy.
  3. Hide the candy: Put the candy in an inconvenient place to access. Hopefully, hard to get to candy that you don’t really like, won’t be as much of a temptation.
  4. Give the candy away: Give away all the candy, even if that means giving one of the late arriving trick or treaters a pound of candy. At that point, the candy becomes their problem and not yours.

The important thing to remember is that Halloween is fun because of the costumes, the movies and the parties, not the candy. The candy is for the kids. Let’s emerge from the fire of the trial of the first of the end of year holidays with our health and physiques unscathed.

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  1. I usually try to get stuff I don’t like, but frankly there’s very little candy I won’t eat under duress. (You know, duress of needing candy. right. now.) So instead of avoiding the stuff like the plague, I usually pick one or two pieces that I’ll allow myself each day. And that’s just if the hubby has opened the bags! If he hasn’t I just don’t open them.

    Then on Halloween we give out handfuls and after we’re done we dump the whole lot on the stoop. We live in a college town, three blocks from the campus, trust me when I say that come morning there’s nary a Jolly Rancher to be found!

    Great post!

  2. Shileen says:

    I have been thinking about this very subject especially with Christmas around the corner. As for halloween we don’t have many kids that come by but I always want to be prepared. I often buy candy the day of maybe the day before because of the temptation. Plus, If I buy it too early the rest of the family will eat it for sure and will end up having to buy more. The store never run out of candy any more it seems so waiting till the day of is not a problem.

  3. I’ve only done this one year, but it was a good idea and went over well with the kids – I gave away small toys – the kind you’d get in a dental office or such – instead of food. I bulk ordered (with a friend) glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls that looked like eyeballs.

    Nowadays there are also other food options for things to give out at Halloween: Last year one of our neighbors gave out small bags of goldfish crackers that only appeared in the stores before Halloween.

  4. m says:

    I am glad that I don’t like candy! My kids on the other hand….. 🙂

  5. Great topic! It’s about that time isn’t it. The grocery store aisles are lined with bags upon bags of every kind you can imagine. Snickers used to be my favorite.

    I think what has helped me most, in curbing at least some of the cravings, is the knowledge that I now have regarding what actually is in some of my previous favorite treats. They are not quite as appetizing as they used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my weak moments, which is exactly why I do what you do and don’t buy my favorites!


  6. Erin says:

    Humm, i love candy, not chocolate… so i buy all the stuff i used to love getting at halloween, BUT I give it all away. Kids love my house LOL

    Oh and I added you to my list of tags in the blog tagging game!

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