Keep Germs to Yourself To Keep Your Family Healthy

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Disease prevention should not stop even when you’re already sick because there are others who are susceptible to getting infected even by the common cold. So, if you’ve fallen ill and are staying home, the best (and quickest) way to get well is to keep the germs to yourself.

Call in sick and stay at home when you don’t feel well. This will minimize the chances of infecting others and making your condition worse. When you’re sick your immune system is weak. That makes you susceptible to bacteria and viruses and, unless you want to feel terrible, take precautions. While you’re at home, try not to spread what you have to the rest of the family. The last thing you want is for the entire household to get sick too because if that happens, who’ll take care of you? Here are some ways to avoid worsening your condition and keeping the entire family disease-free:

Isolate yourself. Avoiding contact with the people you live with will keep viruses from spreading. That means no one else gets sick. Sleep in a separate room. Don’t sleep next to your spouse or in the same room as your kids, especially if you have a baby at home.

Wash hands often. Disease-carrying microorganisms are easily transferred from one person to another by coming in contact with items a sick person has touched. Spreading disease can be as simple as sneezing into your hand and then touching a doorknob or other object. That’s why it’s important that everyone at home washes their hands all the time.

Use a different set of utensils. You need to have your own utensils and they should be washed with hot water and soap.

Avoid touching anything, even your eyes, nose, and mouth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the seasonal flu can be avoided by refraining from touching anything that might spread droplets from the sick person. You’re bound to spread germs when you sneeze, cough, and even talk. Touching your eyes, nose, and mouth will also potentially transmit germs to items that your family has contact with.

Schedule an appointment with your physician online. Don’t go to the doctor’s office because you’re bound to spread more germs. You can infect the driver and other people you come in contact with. It’s also potentially expensive and unnecessarily exhausting for you. Why spend on gas and a doctor’s visit when you can get diagnosed and treated for less?

Online doctors are increasingly becoming the choice for sick people because it’s convenient and cost-effective. Telemedicine, getting treated through email and other web-based methods, is gaining attention due to its perceived advantages. In fact, several states have already implemented laws on how patients can benefit from consulting online doctors.

Feast and rest. Getting ample rest is a very good way to recover quickly. The body has the ability to heal itself, but it needs sufficent rest and nutrients to do so. That means you have to drink plenty of fluids and eat a lot of fruits. The problem is it can be difficult to eat when you’re under the weather, which is why you need to force yourself.

Follow these tips and you’ll recover a lot more quickly and, more importantly, the vicious cycle of disease will stop. That will help you and your family to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Nora Charles is a freelance writer that has worked with many bloggers for several years now.

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  1. It is extremely irritable when someone sneezes and makes no effort to cover their nose! The spread of germs from this action may cause no end of suffering to many people. Maybe we should follow the Japanese and wear masks in public when ill!

  2. Isabel van Sunder says:

    I know how important it is to separate yourself from others when you are sick. I get some very bad food and plant allergies that sometimes need to be isolated in order not to spread in my body. That’s life. You learn to deal with it.

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