Live for the Moment! Be Present!

PondBeing happy takes a conscious effort. Why is that? Well, our world is more demanding, stressful and complex than even a decade ago and living in it can be overwhelming. Paying bills, frustrating situations at work and demanding kids can take a toll on your mental health, if you let it. It is easy to feel sorry for yourself, wish things were different, live in the past or constantly look to the future in the hopes that things will get better. Unfortunately, none of those thoughts are productive or healthy for your mental well-being. Dwelling on the “what if’s” does nothing, but bring on unhappy emotions that result in you missing out on the joys of life in the present.

So how do you cope when you are feeling down?

A wise man once told me, when you start feeling down, you need to make a conscious effort to do two things.

  • Think of all the positive things in your life. For example, you are healthy, you have wonderful kids, a supportive husband, you own a nice home in a good area, etc…
  • Be present. For example, if you are doing something with your loved ones, don’t let the negative emotions from work or other situations that happened hours before affect your time now that should be pleasurable. Or if you are in nature, enjoy the beauty, don’t let the negative emotions seep in and distract you from the enjoyment you could be experiencing. By living in the moment, you will start feeling happier and be emotionally better off. Not only will that help you in that moment, but your generally happier state of mind will bleed into the bad times and take some of the edge off.

Bottom line:

Life is to enjoy and while it can be a roller coaster ride, you can’t let the down periods take away from your enjoyment of life even in the up times. By living in the present and seeing the beauty and enjoyment around you, you will live a more fulfilling, happier life.

While it’s tempting to try to help everyone be happier, you have to concentrate on your own mental health first. If you fall apart or let the world stress you to pieces, you can’t be useful or of help to your loved ones OR yourself. Take it easy on the negative thoughts, that’s my motto!

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  1. Isabel van Sunder says:

    That is so true!

  2. I so appreciate that I can’t always put others first but need to care for myself so I can be true to not only myself but others as well.

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  4. Such a great article, the benefits of living in the moment and maintaining a positive attitude are immense. When you take time to forget the stresses in your life, and focus only on what is immediately around you and within, you melt away stress, improve your mood and even improve your health!

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