Miessence Personal Care Product Review

A lot of mainstream cosmetics and personal body care products contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. Some of these ingredients have been linked to cancer, birth defects and other medical conditions. Most people think they are safe because the government wouldn’t allow them on the market otherwise. Unfortunately, the truth is that the FDA does not require pre-safety testing or health studies before these products are put out in the market for our use. Therefore many companies include some ingredients at the expense of our health.  This is very disconcerting to me!

Part of being healthy is trying to minimize our exposure to toxic chemicals, but that becomes difficult when these chemicals are not even regulated. But, do not lose hope.  You don’t have to be a chemistry major or a toxicologist to figure out what is safe for you to use. The Environmental Working Group has made it easy for us. They created a database, called Skin Deep, which lists many cosmetic and personal care products and their safety level.  They include many common and uncommon products in their database, including the one I’m reviewing today.

Miessence Skin Care Products:
Miessence has wonderful products that you can feel safe using.  They rated very well on the Environmental Working Group’s database on safety. Miessence products are all certified organic to international food standards by the Australian Certified Organic team, a third party certifier.  By doing that, Miessence has proven that their products are truly organic.

Product Review:

Below you will find four products that Erin Ely so graciously allowed me to review.  You can purchase these products at Ely Organics.

Tropicana Body Milk

Tropicana Body Milk: This is a wonderful hand and body cream with an engaging coconut scent that takes you back to those pleasant days at the beach.  Who wouldn’t love that? It has a very nice, relaxing aroma. Plus, it really works well in protecting against moisture loss. I wash dishes a lot and my hands tend to get dry really easily.  It’s great finding a cream that can keep my hands smooth and hydrated for many hours. It is a testament to the quality of the ingredients that  the dryness that has been plaguing my hands lately has gone away and my hands feel nourished and supple once again.  I was very thankful for that. I am very satisfied with this product and recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent, healthy cream for dry skin.

Mint Toothpaste

Mint Toothpaste: This toothpaste is great! It does not contain fluoride, aluminum, artificial sweeteners or detergents which can be harmful to your teeth.  This toothpaste contains natural and organic ingredients that leave your teeth feeling clean and your breath fresh.  Another bonus is that it doesn’t have that overly sweet, sugary taste that many toothpastes have. This is a nice product that I will use again.

Translucent Foundation

Translucent Foundation (Vanilla): It is great to find a foundation that is made up of 85% organic ingredients, which contains no toxic colors, synthetic ingredients, fragrances or petroleum by-products. Most foundations out there contain a lot of undesired harmful ingredients and it is nice to finally find a foundation that is natural and safe to use.  Plus, it evened out my complexion beautifully, was easy to put on, had a soft, light, matte finish and kept my skin hydrated throughout the day. Best of all, it has a nice understated look, unlike many commercial products that make you look overly done up. This is a nice foundation that I will definitely be using from now on for my normal foundation needs.


Mineral Blush Powder (Desert Rose Silk): This a wonderful blush that uses only pure, refined natural minerals rather than toxic ingredients normally found in blushes. The beauty of this blush, is that I only needed to add a tiny amount to achieve the natural effect that I wanted. I can already tell this blush is going to get used a lot and last a long time. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

There are several things that make me a big fan of Miessence products. They are certified organic, they care about the health of their customers and they produce high quality cosmetic and personal products. It is nice having a skin care company that you feel you can trust with both your beauty and your health!

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  1. Rosy says:

    Talli, love this post!!! I’m a makeup junkie and love to hear about new products! Thanks- that foundation sounds wonderful!

  2. Hi Talli,

    I have been using Miessence for a while now and can honestly say that it is the first organic brand that actually performs REALLY well! I have tried other organic brands including other antiperspirants, and I only give Miessence the thumbs up!

  3. Zoe says:

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks for this great review. I sell Miessence products and use them in my spa for facials. My clients love them. They are so clean and fresh!

  5. Lisa says:

    Oh and just so you know, Miessence has sadly discontinued the Tropical Body Milk. They were not able to maintain their high standard for this product so they have discontinued it. A quote form Narelle is below:

    “We regret to announce the removal of Tropicana Body Milk from our body care range of products. The high cost of the certified organic ingredients used, combined with the occasional instability of the Tropicana formula, do not allow us to continue providing you with the highest quality and value you have come to expect from Miessence. We invite you to try our luxurious, certified organic Intensive Body Cream as an exceptional alternative for moisturising and revitalising your skin.”

    My husband has been using the Miessence Belly and Breast Balm as an moisturizer too and loves it!

    Thanks again for your great review of these exceptional products!

    Lisa Cipparone,
    The Rejuvenation Room

  6. Erin Ely says:

    Hey everyone,
    sorry I did not think to do this sooner.

    If you are interested in trying Miessence products I frequently send out samples. Feel free to contact me at: erin[@]elyorganics.com if you would like some samples.

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