Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution

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As we ring in the New Year, many of us look at the coming year as the chance for a new beginning.  It’s a time to set new goals to achieve.  A time to begin making our dreams a reality.  A time for a new life journey!

For many people, the goal is to lose weight and get back into that outfit they haven’t worn in years.  For others, it’s to eat healthier or spend more time with their families.  Whatever the goal may be, it will take effort to achieve it.  Even though we are bound and determined to make our goals a reality, as the year goes by, many of us get derailed and our goals fall by the wayside.  But, with careful planning and focus it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tips to keep you on track
Setting goals is a process that takes some thought and preparation.  Here are four tips to keep you on track this year:

  1. Make your goals reasonable and manageable: That way you will be able to achieve them.  For example, losing 150 pounds in a year (I’m exaggerating on purpose.) is not a reasonable goal and you will end up getting frustrated and quit.  But, losing a half a pound to a pound a week, could be a healthy, attainable goal depending on how much weight you have to lose.
  2. Make your goals measurable and objective: You need to have some way to determine whether or not you are on track with your goal.  Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time achieving it.  So, numbers or dates can be good.  One good example is to decide to cut the amount of soda you drink in half rather than just saying you’ll drink less soda.
  3. Make sub-goals: Sometimes the main goal can feel so overwhelming that it becomes hard to achieve.  So, break your goal into smaller components.  For example, if your goal this year is to lose 30 pounds, make sub-goals to lose about 5 pounds every 2 months.  This does two things.  It prevents the goal from feeling so distant that you feel you can put off starting for awhile.  Plus, it is easier to tackle a smaller task.  After all, it’s easier to focus on running a mile than on running a whole marathon.
  4. Determine how you will achieve your goal: It is not enough to say that your goal is to be healthier this year or that you’re going to lose 30 pounds.  How are you going to achieve it?  Are you going to eat better, exercise more or longer, join a weekly yoga class, etc.?  If you don’t have a plan, you might do things that might delay or even prevent you from achieving your goal.

So, this year let’s all make goals that are achievable in the time frame that we set and make plans that will help us to achieve them.  If you are determined and put enough effort into it, you will achieve your goals. Happy New Year everyone!  May this year be a goal achieving year for you!

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  1. GoalGuru says:

    Whenever I set a new Goal, I write it down and distinguish at least 10 reasons WHY I must achieve it.

    Once you have enough WHY’s, the HOW almost works itself out automatically.

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig

  2. Mark says:

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. Rosy says:

    Great post, Talli! I’m amazed when people say they want to lose alot of weight in a short period of time. People need to remember you didn’t get unhealthy overnight. Happy New Year!!!

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