Rekindling Your Workout Motivation

All of us who exercise regularly will occasionally run into a rough patch during which we are simply less motivated to workout. Maybe we’re slightly burned out because we’ve been exercising too hard for too long without breaks, maybe something in our work or personal lives is consuming all our attention, or maybe we’re recovering from an injury and having a hard time getting back to our old routine now that the  knee brace  has come off.
Whatever the reason, it is normal and understandable to hit a period of stagnation in our workout lives. But this does not mean that we should embrace this newfound lack of motivation and allow ourselves to exercise with less frequency or intensity. Doing so may only turn a temporary lull into a permanent one.
Instead, we need to address our motivation concerns head-on. We need to make every effort to rekindle that spark and return to the gym with as much excitement and passion as possible. How can we make this happen? Here are a few tips:

  1. Switch up the routine:  If you normally run on the treadmill before lifting weights or always use the same stair master while at the gym, you might want to switch up your routine slightly to make your workout experience a less scheduled and predetermined one. Try the stationary bike one day or go swimming the next. Even if these options don’t offer you the same fitness benefits, they can still be valuable ways to help you out of your slump and back into your regular routine.
  2. Create incentives: Just as with employees in the workforce, people exercising are usually far more motivated when they have set incentives and goals for which they can strive. Along these lines, promise yourself a gift if you reach a goal, such as, covering a certain number of miles or make it to the gym a set number of times in a given week. Whatever the specifics of your incentives, giving them an appropriate mid-term focus helps to break up your training into smaller chunks which helps you work towards a larger goal.
  3. Take a break:  No matter how much you may want to push through a period of stagnation, the ultimate truth is that sometimes you might need a short break from the grind. If you think you can handle this without losing all motivation altogether, take a few days off and let yourself relax. With any luck, you’ll start getting antsy and want to resume your workout routine after a short break.
  4. Get a workout partner:  Many people workout alone, whether it is at a gym, on the roads, or in their own basement. This is normally the most convenient and practical way of getting your daily exercise done. When you’re in a funk, however, it can be extremely helpful to get a lifting partner or to join a recreational league. Having another person to workout with will give you a  motivation to perform  and an obligation to follow through.

Give these tips a try and get motivated once again. While human inspiration comes in waves and may certainly wax and wane over time, it is important that we nonetheless preserve as much consistency as possible in our exercise regimens. That gets the best results for our health, both physical and mental.

Nora Charles is a freelance writer that has worked with many bloggers for several years now.

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  1. Drew says:

    What I usually do is to walk outside the office during breaks. A simple walk for about 5 minutes helps burn calories and tune up the cardiovascular system.

  2. Isabel says:

    You are right. I have to get back to the club to exercise.

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