Say What? Supplements Beyond Nutrition

vitamin_EMaintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet is challenging in our modern age. Our days are packed with activities and obligations that make it difficult to find time to pay proper attention to our health. Plus, social outings such as eating out with friends can have a huge impact on healthy eating. In an attempt to find a balance many people turn to supplements.

What are supplements good for?

Supplements are often used to fill gaps in people’s nutritional needs caused by their diet and lifestyle. Supplements are used for a number of things these days and those uses are no longer simply making up for lost vitamins and minerals in our diets.  Supplements are used for a number of purposes beyond vitamin deficiency, including:

  1. Healthy vision
  2. Stable blood sugar levels
  3. Heart health
  4. Bone strength
  5. All day energy
  6. Memory and mood
  7. Digestion
  8. Immunity to illnesses
  9. Joint and muscle health

Understanding supplement use is important to finding the right supplements for your lifestyle and health. Keep in mind that supplements are not substitutions for a healthy diet. They are simply meant to fill in gaps in our regular diet in order to maintain a healthy balance.

How do I ensure smart supplement use?

Research shows that some supplements have health benefits, but not all. Make smart decisions by doing a little research about supplements you are considering. Use tools or talk to your doctor to find out what your supplemental needs may be. There are tools available online that will calculate caloric, fat, carb, and vitamin intake. These can help you understand what deficiencies you may have in your diet.

When looking at other supplement uses, make sure to read labels. Then find out if there is research to back up the claims made about particular supplements. Before taking any form of supplement, ask your doctor if it will be safe. Some medications will not combine with the intended purpose or chemistry of the supplement. This can cause failure on the part of the medication or supplement, or serious health complications due to drug interactions.

Do not let any of these general concerns scare you away from considering a supplement though. You can visit sites like www.nutri-health.com to find quality supplements. Many of them offer 60-day money back guarantees, so you can purchase with the comfort of security. The money back guarantee lets you test the products without obligation and also takes some of the hesitation that comes with trying such products away.

Make sure that you let your health care provider know what supplements you are taking, prior to taking any, so that they can prescribe appropriate medications and advise you accurately on any possible concers. Follow the instructions on the labels. Overusing supplements is just as dangerous to your health as overusing any other medication.

Supplements have a number of benefits, so there is no reason to be afraid of taking one. Just be wise about what you are putting in your body and how much of it before you begin. Don’t let any of your fears stop you from giving them a try, as long as you are sure they are safe with your current prescribed medication and won’t complicate any current medical conditions you might have. It’s about how we eat as much as it is what we eat.


Nora Charles is a freelance writer that has worked with many bloggers for several years now.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Supplements are extremely important to take to achieve optimal nutrient intake. Our food simply doesn’t have what we require anymore, key supplements are needed to fend off disease and maximize longevity.

  2. Isabel van Sunder says:

    I take some as prescribed by my doctor.As you get older you need some extra supplements to keep you healthy.

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