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Burr Grinder

Want Great Coffee? Use A Burr Grinder!

I love the aroma and taste of a fresh cup of coffee. Having a cup of coffee everyday starts my day off right. It awakens my senses and elevates my mood. Since my morning coffee is such an enjoyable daily ritual, I strive to create the perfect cup of coffee. Which is why I buy […]

Study: Coffee and Tea May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Study: Coffee and Tea May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Megan’s family has a history of type 2 diabetes.  Her mom, dad, older sister and aunt all have it and the doctors even said that the diabetes had contributed to both her father’s heart attack and her aunt’s nerve damage.  That was more than enough to scare Megan into learning as much about diabetes as […]

Study: Coffee Aroma May Reduce Stress

Study: Coffee Aroma May Reduce Stress

Whenever I enter a coffee shop, I find the smell of coffee intoxicating.  It is so rich, warm, inviting, relaxing and invigorating all at once that it feels like it must be a drug. There are so many different ways you could describe the wonderful scent of coffee. But what is it about the smell […]

Cream In Your Coffee?

Cream In Your Coffee?

It had been one of those days.  Aaron had been unfocused and unproductive all morning.  Thinking that a short break might help, he headed to the break room and poured himself a tall cup of coffee. After stirring in three tablespoons of French vanilla non-dairy creamer, he took a sip.  He smiled.  He never could […]

Tea's Caffeine: Longer Energy Without the Jitters

Tea’s Caffeine: Longer Energy Without the Jitters

Everywhere I look these days, I see tearooms and gourmet teashops springing up!  Now that people realize that tea is both tasty and healthy, drinking tea seems to be the trendy thing to do.  Even coffee shops like Starbucks are adding more tea to their menus to cash in on the trend. What is the […]

Coffee's Redeeming Quality: Antioxidants

Coffee’s Redeeming Quality: Antioxidants

Photo by Refracted Moments via Flickr There is something about waking up to the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee. The aroma and flavor awakens our senses and starts the day off right! The only problem is that coffee is bad for us, right? Well, hold on a second. Coffee, if consumed in excess, does […]


BH4BP #20 – Caffeine: You Can Use It, But Don’t Abuse It

Most of us like to start our morning with a caffeinated beverage, such as, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, an energy drink or a soft drink.  We love our caffeine because it helps to wake us up in morning and keep us from getting tired later in the day.  Yet most of us worry that we […]


BH4BP #7 – Exercise Psychology, Salt and Coffee French Press

This week I start the show by discussing how exercise can have a positive effect on your mood. I talk about how neurotransmitters released in exercise can give us a sense of psychological well being. Exercise has been shown to combat depression, anxiety and insomnia. I mention some research findings that I found at www.balancelivingmag.com.