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CrossFit: Know the Risks!

The first time I heard about CrossFit was when my mom started competing in Olympic weightlifting about four years ago. She joined a CrossFit affiliated gym near her house, since they had all the equipment that she required in order to train for Olympic weightlifting. At the time, I thought CrossFit was just the name […]


Diabetes: Don’t Forget The Feet!

Every morning for years, John would walk to the beach near his house, take off his shoes and walk on the sand as the sun rose. He enjoyed his morning walks tremendously. He loved the feel of the sand sifting through his toes. It gave him such a feeling of connection with nature. So, he […]

Featured on APTA's Move Forward Monday

Featured on APTA’s Move Forward Monday

On April 4th, 2011 I was featured on the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Move Forward’s website. I was part of their Move Forward Monday spotlight. In the interview I answered questions relating to how my favorite fitness activity plays an integral role in my life, why I love to exercise, injuries that I had […]

BH4BP #68 - The Facts About Tendinitis

BH4BP #68 – The Facts About Tendinitis

You just started exercising and you felt great, so you dramatically increased the intensity and duration of your workout.  While doing that you felt a dull pain.  Over the next few days the pain recurred intermittently, but it wasn’t bad enough to interfere with your exercise.  So, you pushed on, ignoring the pain.  As time […]


BHTV #11 – Heading Off Neck Pain!

Most of us have experienced neck pain at one time or another, especially if we spend a lot of time at the computer. However, if you are prone to neck aches and pains, there are steps you can take to reduce them. That’s why the topic of this episode is: Relieving neck pain. The goal […]

BH4BP #44 - Injuries: Strains and Sprains

BH4BP #44 – Injuries: Strains and Sprains

Photo by cmaccubin via Flickr Back on show #40, I talked about ways to minimize or avoid muscle soreness and muscle cramps during exercise.  For those that didn’t hear that show, those are aches and pains that while painful, do not involve injury. In this show, I am going to cover exercise related injuries.  Specifically, […]


BH4BP #14 – Exercise Motivation and Injury Prevention

Why is it so hard for many of us to get motivated to exercise? In this week’s show, I explore that question in great depth. I discuss what motivation is, how attitude plays a role and what you can do to achieve a successful long-term exercise program.