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Study: More Protein, More Muscle?

Study: More Protein, More Muscle?

Jamie was on a quest to gain more weight in the form of rippling muscles.  He was a tall guy, measuring in at 6 foot 4 inches (1.93 m), but only weighed 165 pounds (75 kg).  He wasn’t happy with his wiry look and wanted a stronger, more muscular physique.  In his mission to add […]


BHTV #11 – Heading Off Neck Pain!

Most of us have experienced neck pain at one time or another, especially if we spend a lot of time at the computer. However, if you are prone to neck aches and pains, there are steps you can take to reduce them. That’s why the topic of this episode is: Relieving neck pain. The goal […]


BHTV #5 – Strength Training: It’s for You. Yes You!

It feels so good to lift weights and get stronger.  Back in the day, when I owned my own physical therapy clinic, I also did personal training.  You have no idea how many of my clients, especially females, would come in and say, “I don’t want to lift weights, because I don’t want to get […]

BH4BP #54 - Strength Training: Not Just for the Big Boys!

BH4BP #54 – Strength Training: Not Just for the Big Boys!

Many people decide to start a weight training routine every day. But many are not sure how to go about it. They don’t have any idea where to start. They are not sure how often to train, how much to lift, how many sets, etc. That’s why I am dedicating this episode to helping you […]

BH4BP #44 - Injuries: Strains and Sprains

BH4BP #44 – Injuries: Strains and Sprains

Photo by cmaccubin via Flickr Back on show #40, I talked about ways to minimize or avoid muscle soreness and muscle cramps during exercise.  For those that didn’t hear that show, those are aches and pains that while painful, do not involve injury. In this show, I am going to cover exercise related injuries.  Specifically, […]

BH4BP #40 - Muscle Pain: Don't Fear It; Minimize It!

BH4BP #40 – Muscle Pain: Don’t Fear It; Minimize It!

Photo by syntheticj via Flickr Sometimes, after a really hard workout, you feel so stiff and sore that it hurts to move.  Getting out of bed or getting dressed is so painful that you can’t help grunting as you pull on your clothes.  Or maybe you wake up with a cramp in your calf or […]

Strength Training: The Body You Have Always Wanted

Strength Training: The Body You Have Always Wanted

Photo by Alex Castella via Flickr Want a nice firm, defined body?  If you answered yes to this question, then it is time to start strength training!  Strength training is important for a strong, healthy body and should always be a major component of any exercise program. What is strength training? Strength training is performing […]