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Lecture Series in July: Wellness & Vitality

Starting: Tuesday, July 8, 6:30pm at In Stride Physical Therapy & Rehab 618 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove Presents: Wellness & Vitality Nutrition Series with Heather Lauren It is four one hour sessions weekly starting Tuesday, July 8th, 2014. Want information on the best food selections for renewed energy, al- lergy control, weight management, or simply healthier eating habits? […]


Capture the Most Nutrients From Your Vegetables!

If your goal is achieving optimal health, then a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is key. They are loaded with essential nutrients, antioxidants and a multitude of disease fighting properties. It is no wonder that many health organizations recommend that you eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Those of […]


Preparing Healthy Meals On a Boat

Preparing healthy meals when you’re out boating can be difficult. That’s why people tend to stock up on prepackaged, processed foods before boating trips. Those foods are handy, but they are often unhealthy and lacking in nutritional value. With a few adjustments though, it is easy to have convenient, healthy meals, even while out on […]


Detox Diets: Not What You Are Looking For?

Since the divorce several months ago, Martha’s life had turned upside down.  She used to have at least a little time for herself. Not anymore! Working full time and taking care of two young kids was more of a struggle then she thought.  Her energy levels were not what they used to be, her mood […]


Living to 100 and Loving It!

Living to a ripe old age has always been a goal of mine. For that reason, any news story about someone that has lived to a hundred or beyond gets my attention immediately. I love to see what they did to keep themselves healthy. Infrequently, someone says something surprising like that they drank and smoke […]


Gluten Free Diet: Feeling Better Yet?

Two years ago we found out that my now 3 year old son had a gluten allergy. It all started when he was diagnosed with eczema when he was 9 months old. For those of you who don’t know, eczema is an inflammation of the outer layer of the skin that causes the skin to […]


The Ancient Food Pyramid and the Modern MyPlate Age

Most of us know of nothing other than the food pyramid when conjuring up images depicting a proper diet. But the truth is that the classic food pyramid wasn’t implemented until 1992 by the United States Department of Agriculture. Until then, the government issued healthy eating advice using an array of informational methods, mostly imagery […]


3 Foods that are Great for Your Waistline and Oral Health

Incorporating low-calorie, high nutrient foods into your diet is one of the best ways to lose weight and to maintain your current weight. Maintaining a trim waistline is obviously an important part of a healthy lifestyle; however, so is often overlooked oral care. To promote the health of our bodies, we need to eat for […]


BHTV #24 – Traveling, Eating & Staying Healthy

Going on vacation is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  For some, it’s a time to escape from the stress of work and home life and relax.  For others, it’s a time to explore new places and experience different cultures and cuisines.  Whichever type of vacation you prefer, it is only enjoyable if you’re healthy. Getting […]


BHTV #23 – Being Healthy While Eating Out

Dining out is fun, but choosing the right foods can be challenging for people trying to eat healthy.  While most people can make nutritious choices when eating at home, they often let healthy eating habits slide when eating out and order items that are high in fat, calories, sodium and cholesterol.  And it doesn’t help […]


Study: More Protein, More Muscle?

Jamie was on a quest to gain more weight in the form of rippling muscles.  He was a tall guy, measuring in at 6 foot 4 inches (1.93 m), but only weighed 165 pounds (75 kg).  He wasn’t happy with his wiry look and wanted a stronger, more muscular physique.  In his mission to add […]


BHTV #22 – Olive Oil

When people think of olive oil, they almost always think about the Mediterranean diet.  That’s because olive oil is a key ingredient in many recipes from the Mediterranean region.  However, because of it’s wonderful taste and amazing health benefits, olive oil is also growing in popularity outside the Mediterranean.  That is no surprise because olive […]


Study: Eating Blueberries for Antioxidants? Skip the Milk.

Over the past few years, Karen transitioned from an unhealthy diet to a much healthier one.  These days, she felt much less fatigued and much happier.  She was so happy with the results that she was determined to keep studying up on health, in order to make better and better food choices.  So, when she […]


Spinach: If It’s Good Enough for Popeye…

Many people are familiar with Popeye the Sailor, a popular fist fighting cartoon character of the 1920’s through 1960’s.  Popeye sure knew what was good for him!  Just before a brawl he would down a whole can of spinach to give him super strength and ensure his victory.  It never disappointed.  Every time Popeye ate […]


BHTV #20 – Cranberries, Not Just a Holiday Treat!

Well, we’re past Halloween and that means that the Holiday season is officially underway!  Besides family gatherings, or maybe because of them, one of the most central fixtures of the holidays seems to be food.  While there are many foods that stand out during this season that I could talk about, there is one berry […]