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Japanese Food

Japanese Food: Healthy Option?

My first introduction to Japanese cuisine was when I turned sixteen. My dad had a business relationship with the owner of a Japanese restaurant a few miles from our house. So, when I wanted to start working to make some money, he got me a job there as a waitress. As a waitress, I had […]

salmon dinner

Eat Out, Don’t Pig Out!

It’s Friday night and you’re finally home after a long, crazy workday that capped off an incredibly hectic workweek. As you step through the front door, your two young kids run up, excited to see you, but also hungrily demanding dinner. Normally, you would cook up a healthy meal for your family, but tonight you […]

BHTV #23 – Being Healthy While Eating Out

BHTV #23 – Being Healthy While Eating Out

Dining out is fun, but choosing the right foods can be challenging for people trying to eat healthy.  While most people can make nutritious choices when eating at home, they often let healthy eating habits slide when eating out and order items that are high in fat, calories, sodium and cholesterol.  And it doesn’t help […]

BH4BP #28 - Food Tips For Frequent Restaurant Diners

BH4BP #28 – Food Tips For Frequent Restaurant Diners

Photo by moriza via Flickr A lot of people either don’t like to or feel they don’t have the time to cook or wash dishes.  After a busy day at work followed by taking the kids to all their activities, the thought of cooking on top of all that seems like too much.  Sometimes, we […]