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Six Ways to Kick Hemorrhoids in the Butt

Hemorrhoids are pretty hard to take sitting down or even standing up. With the majority of our workforce behind desks for hours on end, hemorrhoids cause quite a problem in the lives of millions of people every year. Yet hemorrhoids are for the most part an ailment we can avoid if we alter our eating […]


Hemorrhoids: A Pain In the Backside

Gary had been constipated for the past few weeks, always straining during his bowel movements. He was so frustrated and uncomfortable. Then a few days ago he noticed bright red blood on his stool. Concerned, Gary rushed to his doctor who told him that he had hemorrhoids. Gary can take some comfort in knowing that […]


BH4BP #74 – Choosing the Right Doctor

We all visit the doctor at some point in our lives, no matter how well we care for our health, whether it be for a check-up or to treat a medical condition.  When we do go, having a positive experience is very important for obtaining the best treatment possible.  Unfortunately, when many people need to […]


Study: Swine Flu Combo Drug Treatments

The flu season has arrived and H1N1 is in full bloom. Everywhere we turn, we hear about someone infected with “swine” flu.  Plus, the CDC is stating that the number of flu related hospitalizations and deaths is higher than normal for this time of year. Hopefully, you aren’t among those diagnosed with H1N1. If you […]


BHTV #12 – Tired? Combat Fatigue!

Are you constantly complaining to your family, friends or co-workers about feeling tired and worn-out?  Do you have a hard time focusing or keeping your eyes open at work?  If so, you are not alone.  Feeling tired is one of the top 10 symptoms that people mention when visiting their doctor.  Everyone has felt fatigued […]


BH4BP #61 – Music Tames The Savage Health Issue

Did you know that the right music can give us energy, boost creativity, lift the spirit, make us more alert, lessen anxiety, decrease stress and pain and even aid in digestion and sleep?  Plus, used correctly, it can be a really effective mood boosting tool. The affect that music has on us is quite profound.  […]


BH4BP #44 – Injuries: Strains and Sprains

Photo by cmaccubin via Flickr Back on show #40, I talked about ways to minimize or avoid muscle soreness and muscle cramps during exercise.  For those that didn’t hear that show, those are aches and pains that while painful, do not involve injury. In this show, I am going to cover exercise related injuries.  Specifically, […]


Blisters Are No Fun!

Photo by Mauricio Pellegrinetti via Flickr Almost everyone has experienced the unpleasant sensation of foot blisters at one time or another.  They tend to occur at the heel or soles of the feet.  And wow can they be uncomfortable and even painful sometimes.  They can make walking a living nightmare.  If you put your body […]