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Dogs: A Man’s Best Workout Partner!

Steve retired last year from his job of 30 years. Finally, he could do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. No more kids to take care of and no job to go to. So, for the next six months Steve sat on the couch and watched all his favorite shows and sporting events. He enjoyed […]

Senior walking with granddaughter

Walking Is Life!™ Pedometer Program: Keeping Seniors Moving & Healthy!

A few months ago, RadioShack® asked me if I would like to review two of their pedometers.  Of course, I accepted since I’ve found pedometers to be a good way to motivate people to exercise more.  They shipped them out promptly and I quickly put them to the test.  At first, I tested the pedometers […]

If the Shoe Fits, Buy It: Choosing the Right Shoes

If the Shoe Fits, Buy It: Choosing the Right Shoes

Paula had gained 20 pounds since she moved to San Diego 6 months ago.  She knew that she had to change something or her weight would get out of control.  Convinced that running would do the trick, she grabbed a pair of walking shoes out of her closet and started running for 20 to 30 […]

BH4BP #22 - Walking: An Exercise for Everyone

BH4BP #22 – Walking: An Exercise for Everyone

Photo by Idol via Flickr Walking is a great activity for anyone wanting to get in shape. It is an exercise that almost anyone can do and doesn’t require any special equipment or memberships. All you need is comfortable walking shoes, a place to go walking and you are set. Now that I’ve reminded you […]