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Measuring Waist

Sprint Away That Weight!

Summer is just around the corner and many of you are looking forward to heading to the local beach in your new bathing suit. However, when some of you look in the full length mirror, you might be disappointed by the way your bathing suit looks on you. It’s an all too common scenario. Too […]

Study: High Fat Foods Make You Hungrier

Study: High Fat Foods Make You Hungrier

Jackie was doing everything in her power to stay on her weight loss plan, but it felt like her family and co-workers were constantly trying to sabotage it.  Her coworkers were constantly tempting her with cookies, cakes and donuts.  And her husband was not making it any easier.  Last week he brought home a carton […]


BHTV #16 – Apple vs. Pear Shaped

The Podcast Awards are here!  So, if you like this show, please head on over to http://podcastawards.com and nominate under “Best Video Podcast”: Podcast Name: Being Healthy TV Podcast URL: http://www.beinghealthy.tv/media/videopodcast/ If you can spread the word about our podcast to others and they would like to nominate us as well, that would be even […]

Study: Fat Gene No Guarantee of Obesity

Study: Fat Gene No Guarantee of Obesity

Many people blame their weight on genetics.  After all, maybe their father and/or mother suffer from obesity.  Plus, in the last few years the news media has covered how scientists have identified a gene that is linked to obesity, called the fat mass and obesity associated gene (FTO), or as some like to call it […]