BH4BP #33 – Being Healthy: Tee Morris’s Journey

Tee Morris Before & After

This week we are going to do something different with the show.  A few weeks ago on Show #26, I talked about my journey to becoming healthier.  That show got a really positive response, so I thought that it would be interesting to all of you if I interviewed a guest occasionally and discussed how they fit being healthy into their busy life.

In this show, I interviewed Tee Morris who is an author, podcaster and an extremely busy person.  We discussed some of the challenges Tee faced on his journey to becoming healthier and how he met them.

Here are the best places to find out more about Tee Morris and all the wonderful things that he does:

For his snarky & fun side: teemorris.com
For his business side: imaginethatstudios.com
On Twitter: twitter.com/TeeMonster

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  1. Mark says:

    Very good Talli! Thanks for sharing your journey Tee!

  2. Maria Isabel says:

    This was a very interesting journey that Tee Morris shared. Good work.

  3. Shawno says:

    What Tee said about soda is right on. Eliminate it, and you’ll notice a difference. I still have some every now and then, though.

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