Tips to Help Thinning Hair

Have you noticed that your hair doesn’t look as thick and healthy as it once did? You are by no means alone – hair loss is an extremely common problem all over the world. However, does that mean there is nothing you can do about it? With the wealth of tips out there, and the emergence of innovative products, such as caffeine shampoo, perhaps watching that bald patch grow is not your only option…


Get a haircut to make your locks look thicker

Getting a layered cut like the one Cheryl Cole sports can give your hair a much thicker appearance than an all-one-length cut. As well as giving the illusion of extra depth, a layered look will bring more movement and vitality to your hair – bonus!  

But beware! Too many layers can take too much weight away from the ends of your hair, leaving them looking straggly. Invest in a decent stylist to make sure your barnet doesn’t meet this fate.

If you’re feeling brave, short hair cuts are a good idea for thin hair locks because they won’t weigh your hair down, making it look flat. This article by LiveStrong will give you more information about good styles to suit fine hair.

A final handy scissor-related tip is to ensure you get a regular trim, so that whichever cut you go for, you’ll avoid the dreaded wispy look.

Know your products to add fullness

Volumising mousse should be your new best friend. Apply it to wet hair before blowdrying with your head upside down to create seriously big hair that’ll look thick and luscious.

Next time you wash your hair, don’t apply any conditioner to your roots. As VO5’s Q and A section explains, the roots are already close to the oil glands on the head so they get plenty of lubrication. Also, the roots don’t get damaged like the lengths and ends of the hair do.

Stimulate a change

If you want to really make your hair thicker, rather than just make it appear thicker, take some time to get a scalp massage. Rachel Roy, a New York-based fashion designer told Harper’s Bazaar: “I pay someone to come to my house once a month and give me a 40-minute hot-oil scalp treatment, the massage stimulates growth.”

Using caffeine shampoo is a relatively new way to encourage more hair growth. When used regularly, it works in two ways, stimulating growth at the roots and slowing down hereditary hair loss. 


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