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Stop Snoring!

After a long, stressful day at work, Debbie was exhausted. She rested her head on the pillow, snuggled in close and closed her eyes, looking forward to a good night’s rest. Tomorrow looked to be more of the same, so she would need the sleep.  Just as she was about to drop off to sleep, […]


Eating Healthy Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Most people realize that making changes to their diets could make them healthier.  But with so much confusing, conflicting and restrictive nutritional advice out there, many people are not sure what changes to make.  Should they eat a lot of certain foods?  Should they cut out carbohydrates, meats, etc.? Don’t worry! Even though we are […]


Millet: Not Just for the Birds!

Have you ever watched birds eating bird food out of a bird feeder?  The main ingredient in that feed is often millet.  Millet is a seed, but is categorized as a grain because of its grain-like consistency.  Birds can eat it day in and day out and be happy, healthy and full of energy!  But […]


Somebody Needs a Nap?

Photo by Daveybot via Flickr It is 2:00pm and you can’t focus enough to get much work done.  You just didn’t get enough sleep last night.  So far, the workday has consisted of hiding yawns and mainlining coffee, so you don’t end up face down on your keyboard.  Worse yet, you swear that it’s even […]


Strength Training: Free Weights vs. Resistance Machines!

Photo by jerryonlife via flickr You decided that it is time to start lifting weights, so you joined a gym.  Now you are not sure where to start.  Some of your friends say that free weights are the only way to go, while others only use the machines.  So, which should you choose? For years […]


Granola Bar: Healthy Treat or Sugary Sweet?

Photo by smoorenburg via flickr You just finished your workout and you are starving!  You check your watch.  Three hours left until dinner?  No way will you be able to make it that long without food.  A post workout snack to tide you over until dinner sounds like just the thing.  So, you reach into […]


Oatmeal: The Breakfast of Champions!

Photo by nate steiner via Flickr Most mornings, I have a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries mixed in. I’ll have fresh blueberries if they are in season, but otherwise, I go with frozen.  Pure heaven!  I know many people will think I’m crazy, but once you get used to eating oatmeal, you will agree.  There […]


Bagels: Healthy Breakfast or Just Hype?

Photo by jeredb via Flickr You’re running late for work and have no time to make breakfast.  So, you make a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts and grab a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee on your way to work.  You’re trying to be more health conscious and you heard that bagels were a […]


Healthy Grilling: Avoid Those Carcinogens!

Photo by Mess of Pottage via Flickr Mark was unloading the bags of groceries he picked up for “Mark’s Mega Memorial Day Barbecue Extravaganza.” Well that’s what the guys called it anyway.  And with ten pounds of beef, ten pounds of chicken, five packages of hot dogs and some sausages, he felt like he’d definitely […]


Corn on the Cob: Are You Trying to Butter Me Up?

Photo by WayTru via Flickr The weather outside is getting warmer and people are heading outdoors for cookouts.  Soon the summertime parties will be going full swing and hot, juicy, sweet corn on the cob will be on the menu at many of those parties. In the United States, corn on the cob is synonymous […]


Exercising In Air Pollution: Because You Have to Inhale

Photo by wili hybrid via Flickr The marathon was still six months off, but Jacob was pretty excited.  He had always been a runner, but he had never had the time to commit to training for a full marathon before.  He had all the right gear.  Everything from the shoes and special socks to the […]


You’re Full of It. I Mean You’re Constipated!

Photo by sylvar via Flickr Your last bowel movement was two days ago.  Thinking something is wrong because you heard that healthy adults pass stools daily, you grab your car keys and head to the store to buy some laxatives.  But do you really need a laxative? Despite what you may have heard, a healthy […]


Drive Safe, Not Drowsy!

Photo by woodleywonderworks via Flickr It is 6pm Friday night, and you just pulled out of the parking lot at work.  You’ve got at least four hours of driving ahead of you before you arrive in Las Vegas where you are meeting some friends for the weekend.  Yawning deeply, you wonder if driving up after […]


Not Another Nosebleed!

Photo by purpleslog via Flickr You are nervous because you are about to make a speech in front of hundreds of people.  You have been waiting for this moment for years.  Since you are congested, you blow your nose vigorously to clear it before you head up to the podium.  Unfortunately, in your desire to […]


Swine Flu: How to Avoid It

Photo by The Pug Father via Flickr If you haven’t heard about the swine flu by now, then you have probably been living in a cave completely cut off from the outside world.  The swine flu outbreak is the biggest news right now.  At this point it seems to have even overshadowed the economy. Everywhere […]