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The Benefits of Running and How to Get Started Talk in November 2014

In November of 2014 at In Stride Physical Therapy & Rehab in Pacific Grove, CA, Blake Russell an Olympic Marathoner, Physical Therapist, mother of two and a resident of Pacific Grove discussed the benefits of running and how to get started safely. Blake Russell is a talented runner who ran the marathon in the Beijing […]


Lecture in October: Adventure Running – In Pursuit of Rugged & Wild With Leor Pantilat

Date: Saturday, October 18, 3:00pm at In Stride Physical Therapy & Rehab, 618 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove Presents: A slideshow featuring mountain photography from Leor Pantilat’s many adventures in the High Sierra and the Big Sur Coast. Leor will discuss: His recent fastest known time (FKT) on the John Muir Trail from Mount Whitney to […]


Lecture Series in July: Wellness & Vitality

Starting: Tuesday, July 8, 6:30pm at In Stride Physical Therapy & Rehab 618 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove Presents: Wellness & Vitality Nutrition Series with Heather Lauren It is four one hour sessions weekly starting Tuesday, July 8th, 2014. Want information on the best food selections for renewed energy, al- lergy control, weight management, or simply healthier eating habits? […]


I’m On A Boat: Cruise Healthy!

Most people are shocked when I tell them I like to go on cruises. As a health advocate who prides herself on eating a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle, people find my vacation of choice quite surprising. In most people’s minds, a cruise vacation is an opportunity to be sedentary and gorge themselves […]


Getting In Shape At Home With CrossFit

A lot of gyms offer CrossFit workouts, but they may be out of your reach because you live far away, can’t pay the membership fees or just don’t have enough time to go to a gym. Luckily CrossFit comes under functional form of exercise, so it can be performed anywhere, including your home. It requires […]


Traveling: Don’t Want Blood Clots? Keep Moving!

On top of being a health fanatic, I am passionate about traveling. I love traveling to different places and immersing myself in their cultures. However, that can sometimes mean many hours of sitting in a car or in a plane in order to reach a remote locale. Not only can prolonged sitting be uncomfortable, it […]


Retirement: Forging Your Golden Years!

Jim could hardly wait for retirement. He had worked 40 years at the same company. He had loved most of it, but the last few years had been challenging, stressful and draining. So, he called it quits on his 65th birthday, officially starting a new life in retirement. For the next few years, he did […]


Dogs: A Man’s Best Workout Partner!

Steve retired last year from his job of 30 years. Finally, he could do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. No more kids to take care of and no job to go to. So, for the next six months Steve sat on the couch and watched all his favorite shows and sporting events. He enjoyed […]


CrossFit: Know the Risks!

The first time I heard about CrossFit was when my mom started competing in Olympic weightlifting about four years ago. She joined a CrossFit affiliated gym near her house, since they had all the equipment that she required in order to train for Olympic weightlifting. At the time, I thought CrossFit was just the name […]


Sprint Away That Weight!

Summer is just around the corner and many of you are looking forward to heading to the local beach in your new bathing suit. However, when some of you look in the full length mirror, you might be disappointed by the way your bathing suit looks on you. It’s an all too common scenario. Too […]


Crank Up The Music When Working Out!

It’s only 10 minutes into your daily 30 minute run, but you are already looking forward to it ending. You feel so tired and slow, today. Every minute of your run feels like an eternity. Yesterday, was a totally different experience. Your run was spectacular! You were fast, full of energy and the 30 minutes […]


Negative Emotions Begone!

For the most part, I consider myself an optimistic person. Most days the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I am happy to be alive and experiencing whatever comes my way. But I would be lying if I said that every day is a perfect, happy day. Like everyone else, I have days […]


Bikram Yoga: Not All It Is Claimed To Be: Part 2

On March 8, 2012, I wrote a blog post about the claims and potential dangers of participating in Bikram Yoga. To my surprise, I got a lot of feedback. That’s why I’m posting an update on this topic a little over a year later. Surprisingly to me, the article was very polarizing. A significant number […]


Make the Most of Strength Training

Being physically fit can be very beneficial, allowing you to do more things. People often believe that attaining a six pack and building significant muscle mass is beyond their reach. This isn’t true because as long as you have the determination and sufficient self control to overcome temptation, it can be achieved. Despite what many […]


Tips for Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health should be a major concern for all Americans. With a majority of the population at risk for heart disease and cardiovascular problems, there is a dire need for education and healthy-lifestyle changes. Over 82 million people suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease, and a majority of these cases are from diet and […]