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Is Chinese Food Healthy?

Is Chinese Food Healthy?

When a new Chinese restaurant opened up just a block from his work, Steve was ecstatic that he could go there during his lunch break. He loved Chinese food! He immediately started eating there several times a week. He figured that he was eating fairly healthy, since most Chinese dishes rely heavily on vegetables and […]

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Ice Cream: Tasty Temptation!

It is hard to find an individual who doesn’t love ice cream. Ice cream is a wonderful treat that brings comfort and happiness to many people, even in the dead of winter. While we all understand that ice cream is not a health food, we may not all realize how bad it is for our […]


The Year of the Quinoa!

I will never forget the first time I was introduced to quinoa (pronounced “KEEN-wah” in spanish). It was Thanksgiving Day, 2004. My husband and I were in Cuzco, Peru sitting in a very small restaurant a few blocks from our hotel. As our entrees were placed on the table, we noticed a very small, round […]

salmon dinner

Eat Out, Don’t Pig Out!

It’s Friday night and you’re finally home after a long, crazy workday that capped off an incredibly hectic workweek. As you step through the front door, your two young kids run up, excited to see you, but also hungrily demanding dinner. Normally, you would cook up a healthy meal for your family, but tonight you […]


Stevia: The Other White Sweetener

During your weekly shopping trip, you see a food sample booth just ahead of you. Curious what they have to try, you make your way over. Oooh, coffee! With how little sleep you got last night, that sounds great. So, you pour yourself a small cup and as you are about to grab the sugar, […]

Measuring Waist

Sprint Away That Weight!

Summer is just around the corner and many of you are looking forward to heading to the local beach in your new bathing suit. However, when some of you look in the full length mirror, you might be disappointed by the way your bathing suit looks on you. It’s an all too common scenario. Too […]


Throw Out That Peeler!

My grandfather was very fond for apples. Every afternoon, around 2pm, he would take an apple out of his bag, and start peeling it with his knife before cutting it into pieces to share with us. I have fond memories of those times. Not until later in life, did I realize that the peel that […]

Fresh Produce

Farmers Market: Worth Your Time

Mary’s life was very busy. Not only did she have to work full time, she was also a single mom with two young boys. However, despite her busy schedule, Mary always made a concerted effort to make healthy choices for her family, such as buying organic food at the grocery store and cooking healthy meals […]

USDA Organic

Eat Organic: It’s Worth The Cost!

You promised your doctor and your family that this was the year that you were going to make a “real effort” to become healthier. For you, that meant less fast food, cooking more nutritious meals and maintaining an exercise routine. However, on your last trip to the local supermarket, you weren’t sure if you should […]


Diabetes: Don’t Forget The Feet!

Every morning for years, John would walk to the beach near his house, take off his shoes and walk on the sand as the sun rose. He enjoyed his morning walks tremendously. He loved the feel of the sand sifting through his toes. It gave him such a feeling of connection with nature. So, he […]

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Crank Up The Music When Working Out!

It’s only 10 minutes into your daily 30 minute run, but you are already looking forward to it ending. You feel so tired and slow, today. Every minute of your run feels like an eternity. Yesterday, was a totally different experience. Your run was spectacular! You were fast, full of energy and the 30 minutes […]

Port Wine

Port Wine – Raise Your Glass To Good Health!

Port wine (also called Porto or Vinho do Porto in Portugal) is a delicious, sweet, fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal. The combination of the multiple varietals of grapes that are blended and the conditions of the region they are grown in produces a distinctive taste that is hard for vineyards […]

Workplace Bullying: Damages Your Health!

Workplace Bullying: Damages Your Health!

You are on the floor of the hospital giving one of your patients their medication when the administrator calls your name over the intercom, sternly ordering you to her office for the third time this week. Working here may not have been a good choice, after all. Since you started two months ago, you’ve been […]

Stack of Bagels

Bagel, Anyone?

You’re having a productive morning at work and it’s almost time for lunch. The thought of biting into that warm, chewy bagel smothered with cream cheese, makes your stomach growl. You look at your watch, disheartened, realizing that you still have another 30 minutes before you meet your friend at your favorite bagel shop down the […]

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts Cookies – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Laura was in a predicament. Her co-worker was selling Girl Scout Cookies for her daughter. Not wanting to offend her coworker, Laura decided to take a look at the cookie selection to see if there was anything that she could buy. She was on a health mission this year and was very careful what she […]

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