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BH4BP #30 - Beef or Mock Meat: What's for Dinner?

BH4BP #30 – Beef or Mock Meat: What’s for Dinner?

Photo by VirtualErn via Flickr I know it seems like everywhere you go, people are telling you the healthiest thing you can do is to go vegetarian. I also know that many of you enjoy a nice, juicy steak or hamburger once in a while and don’t plan to give it up anytime soon. Others […]

BH4BP #29 - Running: The Gold Standard of Exercise

BH4BP #29 – Running: The Gold Standard of Exercise

Today I would like to talk about a subject that is dear to my heart.  That’s right, running.  Both my dad and mom were runners.  They got me started competing in track when I was in elementary school and I have been running ever since. Running is really the gold standard of exercise. It is […]

BH4BP #28 - Food Tips For Frequent Restaurant Diners

BH4BP #28 – Food Tips For Frequent Restaurant Diners

Photo by moriza via Flickr A lot of people either don’t like to or feel they don’t have the time to cook or wash dishes.  After a busy day at work followed by taking the kids to all their activities, the thought of cooking on top of all that seems like too much.  Sometimes, we […]

BH4BP #27 - A Little Exercise, A Longer Life

BH4BP #27 – A Little Exercise, A Longer Life

Photo by filtran via Flickr Many people out there are always searching for the fountain of youth. They’re looking for ways that they can stay young, stop the aging process or prevent disease. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on magic potions, miracle pills or expensive surgeries to stop or hopefully reverse the aging […]

BH4BP #26 - Being Healthy: Talli's Journey

BH4BP #26 – Being Healthy: Talli’s Journey

Happy New Year, everyone! This podcast comes out on New Year’s Day, which is the time of year when many of us reflect on the year that has passed and make our resolutions for the year ahead. Since the journey to being healthier seems difficult to a lot of people, I thought that while I […]

BH4BP #25 - Alcohol: Everything In Moderation

BH4BP #25 – Alcohol: Everything In Moderation

Photo by *Micky via Flickr For many, alcohol is considered a pleasurable and even essential part of any party or gathering.  Luckily, alcohol does have some health benefits when consumed in “moderation” (moderation is the key word here).  However, people often take drinking too far during parties and wake up with a hangover the next […]

BH4BP #24 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

BH4BP #24 – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Photo by sh0dan via Flickr Today I talk about a subject that literally everyone can relate to.  That’s right: Hair. In our culture, the hair on our heads is important to many people.  Luscious, full bodied hair is a sign of sex appeal.  Thinning or vanishing hair, on the other hand, can be traumatizing, since […]

BH4BP #23 - Cholesterol: That's What's Clogging Your Tubes!

BH4BP #23 – Cholesterol: That’s What’s Clogging Your Tubes!

Photo by jslander via Flickr The holidays are upon us and the food and sweets are coming at a fast and furious pace.  A lot of us during this time of year indulge ourselves in foods that are rich in saturated fats and cholesterol, like eggnog, cold-cuts, ham, turkey, pies and sugar cookies to name […]

BH4BP #22 - Walking: An Exercise for Everyone

BH4BP #22 – Walking: An Exercise for Everyone

Photo by Idol via Flickr Walking is a great activity for anyone wanting to get in shape. It is an exercise that almost anyone can do and doesn’t require any special equipment or memberships. All you need is comfortable walking shoes, a place to go walking and you are set. Now that I’ve reminded you […]

BH4BP #21 - Those Unhealthy Snacks Are Tired; Time For a Substitution

BH4BP #21 – Those Unhealthy Snacks Are Tired; Time For a Substitution

Photo by scubadive67 via Flickr In the last few shows we’ve talked about the importance of eating healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  What haven’t we talked about yet? Snacks. Almost everyone eats snacks between meals, including myself.  It is nothing to be ashamed of, if done right.  Actually, it might even help some of us […]


BH4BP #20 – Caffeine: You Can Use It, But Don’t Abuse It

Most of us like to start our morning with a caffeinated beverage, such as, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, an energy drink or a soft drink.  We love our caffeine because it helps to wake us up in morning and keep us from getting tired later in the day.  Yet most of us worry that we […]


BH4BP #19 – Healthy Food: It’s Whats for Dinner!

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for voting for me in the Podcast Awards.  It was an honor being nominated as a finalist.  I didn’t win, but there is always next year! Your votes were greatly appreciated! Next, I jump right into the show.  On last week’s show, I talked about ways that you […]


BH4BP #18 – So, What’s For Lunch?

We all know the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.  How about a healthy lunch?  For most of us, lunch is something that we quickly eat during our busy workday.  A lot of the items that we choose for lunch might not be the healthiest for our bodies.  In this show, I help you find […]


BH4BP #17 – To Supplement or Not to Supplement, That is the Question!

Have you ever wondered whether you should take a dietary supplement and whether it is as effective as eating the food itself? This show is dedicated to discussing the issue of whether a pill a day can turn a poor diet into a healthy one. I talk about eight types of dietary supplements:  Multivitamins, meal […]


BH4BP #16 – Diet Myths and Podcast Award Finalist

First off, I want to start the show off by making a big announcement. Being Healthy for Busy People is a Podcast Award Finalist under the health category. Voting begins today and continues until November 6th. You will be able to vote daily. So, please head on over to to vote for this podcast. […]

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