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BH4BP #15 – Trouble Sleeping?

Many of us have trouble getting a good night’s sleep and suffer from insomnia. In this show, I discuss in depth why sleep is important, how the sleep cycle works, the effects of being sleep deprived and the different levels of insomnia. I also go over causes of insomnia and what we can do to […]


BH4BP #14 – Exercise Motivation and Injury Prevention

Why is it so hard for many of us to get motivated to exercise? In this week’s show, I explore that question in great depth. I discuss what motivation is, how attitude plays a role and what you can do to achieve a successful long-term exercise program.

BH4BP #13 - A Look Into the World of Tea

BH4BP #13 – A Look Into the World of Tea

This show sponsored by: New Mexico Tea Company This show is dedicated to the wonderful world of tea. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage around the world. In this show, I discuss in great depth the four main “true” teas: White tea, Green tea, Oolong tea and Black tea. They are called […]


BH4BP #12 – Can the South Beach Diet Work for You?

The South Beach Diet is a very popular diet developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a Miami cardiologist. In this show I discuss whether this diet actually works. Like all fad diets, this diet is not perfect and it may not be for everyone. I will go over what the diet entails and the pros and […]


BH4BP #11 – Chocolate and Eating On a Budget

This week, I start the show discussing chocolate and why it is so irresistible. Then, I go over the different varieties of chocolate and their makeups. I tell you which chocolate is best to consume and why.  Some references that I used were Mayo Clinic and Wikipedia.


BH4BP #10 – Wii Fit and Breakfast

This week, I start off the show by discussing whether the Wii Fit can actually get you fit. The Wii Fit is an exercise video game made by Nintendo for the Wii console. I go over what the Wii fit entails: the equipment used, what is measured and the exercise options available. Then I delve […]


BH4BP #9 – Lattes, Mochas, Drip Coffee and Tea

This week, I start off the show by discussing what your best drink option is at your local coffee shop. I go over the advantages and disadvantages of lattes, mochas, drip coffees and teas. I go over the calorie content of each drink and why some drinks might be better for you then others.  Some […]


BH4BP #8 – Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar and Honey

I start the show with a positive news update. In California, they are thinking of passing a bill restricting Bisphenol A in all products geared for children three years and younger. Also, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us announced that they will stop selling baby bottles made with Bisphenol A by next year. Check out the […]


BH4BP #7 – Exercise Psychology, Salt and Coffee French Press

This week I start the show by discussing how exercise can have a positive effect on your mood. I talk about how neurotransmitters released in exercise can give us a sense of psychological well being. Exercise has been shown to combat depression, anxiety and insomnia. I mention some research findings that I found at


BH4BP #6 – Sunscreen, Food Journal and Cigarette Smoke

As promised on show #5, I start this week’s show discussing some abdominal exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.  I look at the traditional crunch, the bicycle crunch and the abdominal crunch on the exercise ball.


BH4BP #5 – Flat Belly Diet and Losing Belly Fat

I start the show by giving you an update on trans fatty acids. On July 26, 2008 California became the first state to ban trans fats in restaurant. For more information, be sure to check out the


BH4BP #4 – Creating an Active Lifestyle and Diet Pills

This week I talk about how to be more active while at home, work or on vacation. I discuss ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine without every having to step into the gym.


BH4BP #3 – Job Stress and Debt Stress

In this week’s show, I concentrate on the topic of stress, especially related to work and being in debt. I start off discussing what stress is and how it can be damaging to our bodies. I reference an article from the American Institute of Stress when talking about this topic.


BH4BP #2 – Trans Fats, Longevity & Exercise in Hot Weather

In this week’s main topic I look at partially hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats. I discuss why they are bad for you and what food products to stay away from.  I look at two articles related to this topic, one from and the other from .


BH4BP #1 – Intro, Workplace Eating & 180lbs Lost

This first show starts with an overall synopsis of what this podcast is all about and how it can benefit you. Then I go through the challenges of being healthy and how it is important to incorporate healthier habits into your daily routine.

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